Encourage extramarital love dating sites may log in China “if market demand vast”

is an American dating service for the “married” and profitable website, website English slogan is: “Life is short. Have an affair” (Life is too short, carpe diem. The site encourages users to find married an affair, last year was a huge success after log in Hong Kong, says the founder, Hong Kong is just the springboard, the next step is China, if “where vast market demand”.

of course, the website can be accessed in the whole world, to log on to a market refers to the profit in the corresponding markets business. As a famous is famous for its “affair” website, its global 15 countries reap the 2000 all users. After log in Hong Kong last year, has harvested and click.

according to the Hong Kong SAR government released data show that Hong Kong Hong Kong divorce rate of 30% , 20 years ago ( 1991 ) in full. 2012 to New highs in divorce cases, a total of 21125 up. Of course, 2013 years still is expected to hit a record high.

founder said: “the dating and relationships, Hong Kong is in a transition period, may become a fun environment.”

reporter in the interview to a registered ID mamama222 “female registered users, the user claims that the registered the site” is to look for different kinds of man to satisfy her husband is unable to provide.”

of course, the site also drew criticism from a large number of social and religious figures.

area of Hong Kong Catholic priest Lawrence Lee AFP reporter interview, said: “we must make every effort to keep the value and stability of marriage and family”.

at the university of Hong Kong, a sociology professor at Lam Ching – man told the AFP news agency: Hong Kong people for marriage belief is increasingly fragile. The younger generation facing the challenges of Hong Kong, also contributed to the corresponding psychological and economic pressure.

Ashley Madison founder as the business of the site has defended, he claimed his website offers married another emotional exports, instead of maintaining the stability of marriage, after all, may no longer need to divorce.

thanks to success in Hong Kong, the site to log in the Chinese market have so far.

China is a market for a large population, there also is faced with “”. China’s divorce rate has continuous 7 year, Beijing, Shanghai, the divorce rate has exceeded the , that is to say, more than the Hong Kong…