Employees before inventory: what’s it like in the eyes of apple?

one of the most of the world’s most successful technology companies, the company’s internal has been full of mystique. In this article, several former apple employees, will interpret for you in the eyes of apple employees within the company culture.

Apple is also bureaucratic delays style

the current Facebook, senior product designer of Chad Little, also worked as designers at apple. There is also a big company in his eyes apple a bureaucracy. He wrote (in the q&a site the site) : “if you are engaged in the project of jobs did not ask, then your team can take a few months time to promote the development of project meeting. However, once the company involved in among them, the founder of the entire project is like being loaded on the rocket, a group of like startups work day and night. If you want to let you say so, in apple department project high-speed propulsion, the best thing to do is ripped jobs come in.”

no one can than apple’s secrecy, everybody’s job is to eventually achievement a brilliant apple

in when it comes to the secrecy of the early stage of apple’s new products, successively in apple company as a web programmer and the user interface designer Justin Maxwell said: “apple’s secrecy work done is as good as that of its public reputation. On the one hand, confidentiality is a company policy, every important project employee behavior are tightly constrained, from the employee’s blog, even to talk to the spouse of relatives. In silicon valley and around the world, almost no one company can rival apple on confidentiality. As an employee, you are a part of the work done is ultimately to achieve a glorious apple, not get satisfaction.”

another apple employees vividly describes a for us as a major program for the apple employees, how to accept strict confidentiality supervision situation. “You need to go through the insurance door like a maze, a credit card over and over again and enter the corresponding password to get to your work. The important task of employees at work, but also are under camera all-round monitoring. In addition, in the development of the important products, employees also need to in the above in a black cloak. And when these products did not hide objects around it will appear red light warning line, in order to remind relevant personnel with caution.”

even more interesting is that in January this year a former apple marketing manager pointed out that the company also regularly “fresh” (revealed) can control the information. The goal is to learn the market reaction, deceive competitors, or encourage partners.

apple employees really think that their work can change the world

a lot of apple employees said that they are full of confidence in the work, and that his project will change the world. As Little said: “every work in the company’s employees have an incredible QianChengGan.”

apple offers employees “welfare” seldom

welfare not mentioned here that we pay such as “money”, but such as lunch, snack, fitness benefits. Apple as one of the most money, but I do not provide free lunch. A former apple employee asked jobs, he gave this answer: “my job is to let your hands, apple shares soared, so you completely afford those things.”