“Emergency” goodbye, Mr. Ballmer: Microsoft officially announced Mr. Ballmer will retire in a year! Microsoft will select a new CEO, Bill Gates won’t be back!

hunting cloud network reported the evening of August 23

half an hour ago, foreign issued a statement, Microsoft chief executive Steve ballmer has decided to resign 12 months.

quit date will depends on its successor selection process. At the same time, Mr. Ballmer will continue as CEO and led Microsoft for the next step in the transformation of equipment and services company. And the transition will also assist people to achieve their most valuable targets.

will not be another Bill Gates as the new CEO, Microsoft has appointed a special committee to select new CEO for the company.

“at any time for this transformation is not perfect, but now the time is ripe”, Mr Ballmer said: “we have to organize a new team to promote new strategies. And we also have excellent leadership at present. I originally planned to put my retirement time transformation process for equipment and services company in the company of mid. We need a long-term adjustment can complete the CEO.”

the board of directors appointed a special committee to know this transition process. John Thompson (John Thompson) will serve as special committee, chairman of the special committee members include chairman Bill Gates, the audit committee chairman Chuck Noski, compensation committee chairman Steve Luczo. Special committee will and famous headhunter Heidrick & struggles international consulting company (Heidrick & amp; Struggles International, Inc.) work together, from Microsoft internal or external to find a suitable successor.

Thompson said: “the board is committed to effectively to transform Microsoft said a successful equipment and services company”, “at the same time, we will choose a new CEO for Microsoft, and he will draw Microsoft Microsoft’s existing senior management team in the new blueprint in this highly competitive industry and its execution. “

gates said: “as a member of the council, I make up the other colleagues in close cooperation of the board of directors to choose one of the great new CEO”, “we were lucky, Steve ballmer can continue to work, until a successor to take his job.

Microsoft in 1975, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Is a multinational computer technology companies in the United States. To research and development, manufacture, authorization, and provide a wide range of computer software services business. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, us, the most famous and popular products for the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software.