Elop with a dowry return to Microsoft, nokia also began looking for a new CEO

nokia temporary said Tuesday, sell mobile phone business is indeed a very difficult decision, but it clearly on the development of nokia is correct.

sale “is not a glamorous business, but sometimes it is the right thing to do. For me personally, this decision is very difficult. “ Risto Siilasmaa in the synchronization network broadcast news conference.

Siilasmaa said that today’s mobile phone industry is entered the stage of “duopoly” it is obvious that Android and Apple iOS two operating systems are dominated the development of the mobile phone market.

“nokia’s own lack of certain strategic resources,” Siilasmaa said that “Microsoft does have strategic resources, but the lack of a better business model under the existing planning”, he says, Windows Phone every Phone profits less than 10 $. At the same time, he also tried to clarify, the acquisition is not the impact on the market “at home” in Finland.

Siilasmaa said to acquisitions, Finland has become Microsoft in Europe at the core of the base, and the rest of the nokia business development orientation in the future will be optimized.

at the same time, Microsoft ballmer said, since last year, the Windows Phone rose 78% . “Now, time to seek further development. “ ballmer also said that Microsoft will spend 2.5 $ $in Finland to build data center, in order to continue making the Finnish Microsoft mobile search and research and development center.

Siilasmaa at the news conference said nokia three retained business advantage. now still in business are: NSN communication solution, HERE map operations, as well as a explore new business opportunities and to strengthen the advantage of patent new technology department.

as for the leadership, in former CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen elop) has stepped down as CEO , in order to avoid any potential conflicts in the process of acquisition. Currently Elop will fly as nokia device service department, executive vice President, directly to the Siilasmaa report , he will report directly to Mr. Ballmer. it is interesting to note that such as Microsoft, nokia will start for the selection, the company internal and external people are likely to be candidates.

elop talked about in the nokia encountered during the period of change. And the progress of employees of nokia.

“nokia you really have a lot of (something) proud of, but we still need to continue to seize the more rapid development.” Elop said. , he said, he is in the android into apple’s two big rivals suppress ShiYiGan feeling, also for change in have to do now sentimentality. “Anyway, each the Finn for nokia represented by the proud and proud.”