Electricity shang dynasty operation industry the good and bad are intermingled, liar

tide of electronic commerce has given rise to electricity generation operation business, but as a result of industry development at the primary stage, the present the industry as a whole generation of operation is very mess.

yesterday, the shenzhen bonding ShangWenHua transmission co., LTD., general manager of a microblogging has released Jiang Wenfeng power generation business circle chord.

“I want to call names, guangzhou today a third-party electric business operating company looking for our cooperation, talking is nothing, he finally told me fu the flagship store is their generation operation. I depend, deceive people lie to come to me. I don’t know other tao brand, but just know fu! Will I find fu the boss @ carved ye check. MD, Korea all the clothes is our generation operation!”

Jiang Wenfeng at generation operating companies cheat customer, fu officials said “can not tolerate such a liar with fu quackery everywhere, we must follow up”

this collective speech caused a lot of electricity.

@ cold small classes: rip’s my generation operations

@ carved ye: rip and Korea were adopted, the puppy electrical generation operation who? Brave stand up!

@ electricity traders watch LuZhenWang: taobao and jingdong is my generation operation, a low profile.

there is also the media pointed out that has hundreds of generations of operating companies fail. Both in efficiency and service quality, and credibility in varying degrees of decline. Many signal suggests that electricity generation operations are moving in the sunset industry, is likely to be even in a year or two completely to ruin.

analysts told hunting cloud network, integrity is the fundamental, but because of information asymmetry, lack of corresponding industry standard and organization, leading some illegal enterprises to fish in troubled waters,’re incapable.