Electricity sales promotion in June again or a fool is a farce

where someone, there is a river, there is interest strife.

Last year,

15 , launched by jingdong orchestrated suning, gome is forced to deal with the “electricity price war” is a start of vigorous, but by the national development and reform commission to “the existence of price fraud” word. Cool the big flat Taiwanese businessmen, bitter consumers.

this year, look be like is the first to threaten, jingdong 6 on 18 , 10 anniversary and a month’s worth of promotion plan, xuan said “in June, one and only jingdong”, let the other electrical contractor “stop that now.” Subsequently, su ning, dangdang, Yi Xun, gome, such as the amazon, where visitors successively into the bureau, and all with jingdong copywriting as a blueprint, offering your gauntlet; Company executives also began to employees malicious heart.

however, the reality is much rain small, more “electricity price war” changed, became a “marketing”. Alternative jingdong Tmall about “merchants” events are still in the fermentation, and peripheral celebrities from executives, employee collective conquests have destined for “electric daqo to promote” into the alternative propaganda accelerant.

aside “alternative” things really are correct, but no matter how, all stakeholders are in around the user and market share, the ultimate contest must be of high quality products and services, rather than the saliva battle.

the consumers should not be used to be fool to spend, businesses should not be squeezing more do cannon fodder.

Tmall 4 $subsidy program


B2C flat in terms of Taiwanese businessmen, connecting both ends of the consumers and businesses, and there are both natural “contradiction”. Consumers want cheaper goods, platform merchants hope to get higher profits. How to take hold, testing the flat to Taipei.

6 on 6 day, Tmall uttered his voice, for the first time criticism directed at those “fake promotion for reputation” and “material benefit is weaker” part of the electricity business enterprise, and announced that big promoting activity in this month of the year, will be put into 2 one hundred million yuan to support the consumers and businesses.

Wang Yulei said, the so-called electricity price war, is actually the manufacturer’s marketing, public relations shows and copywriting. “Electricity price war” has become “grab an eye ball competition”, only advertisers became the ultimate beneficiaries.

unlike other electricity rolls out coupons, days the cat is out 2 one hundred million yuan red envelopes to subsidies to consumers. Consumers use the red envelope can buy any goods, and can overlay or split to use, without any restrictions. Compared with coupons restrictions, this red envelope equivalent cash, eliminates the consumers use concerns.

during large presses, in order to ensure the good products to consumers continue to supply, Tmall will show 2 $subsidies and cheap goods merchants, allows businesses to take out more popular item back to the market, and benefits to the consumer. Wang Yulei said Tmall relations with merchants is not out, did not require companies to do “a choice”.

late voice Tmall seems to be “misunderstanding” from the outside, is considered as a sniper jingdong 6.18 promotion was forced to move.

Wang Yulei Tmall vice President (flower xiao feng) on directly, “years promoting the” planning already a long time, were set in early this year, early in “two new one for a day” a step. Among them, two new are spring, summer, and autumn, is double tenth day, promote is in advance.

“promotional” follower real mentality

although last year 8.15 electricity price war influence unprecedented, but made major e-commerce sites eventually flustered, by a large number of consumer complaints as a “fool”, the national development and reform commission, the price supervision and anti-monopoly bureau officials think into price fraud after investigation, the official apology to the end. At the same time, because most of independent type website promotion costs to suppliers and merchants, many involved in the promotion of businesses found that ultimately didn’t make money or even lose money, become a price war is the biggest loser.

since then, jingdong began to “retirement”, suning service, electricity industry no war. While turning a small range of promotion, but the scale and influence far short.

at present, along with jingdong, Tmall two B2C leaders seemed to make electricity renewed war story, but can truly become bigger and stronger, need according to the situation of different companies.

for the most “culture and nurture” years of jingdong, in the case of not speak for a long time, need urgently to convey to the market “comeback” signal, 10 anniversary is their own development opportunities, must win a key battle. Moreover, the IPO pressure continues to increase, jingdong must B2C area to expand market share. But because POP platform scale is still small, independent products need to maintain a certain profit margins, this or become a limiting factor, and then put doesn’t open.

Tmall as ali’s big electricity is the most important piece of business, the importance is self-evident, is still in accordance with the existing plans to go step by step. , the goods are based on the third party operation and total goods than other platforms, day cat will total price of goods ahead of other businesses.

for several other well-known B2C platform, such as purchase, Yi Xun Su Ningyi, is reflects the “initiative” will, mainly back suning, tencent consortium, can respectively by both online and offline support. After su ning in the cloud business concept, for example, online prices started to synchronization, and form 020 complementary system. Tencent has a large resource of online traffic. But in terms of the price war, Su Ningyi purchase is still in the state of qi, is more of a complete internal process and works in harmony, there is no real ability comprehensive start a price war.

in dangdang, gome online in two great wars, basic it is the role of “follower”. Dangdang under the price war dragged down, is already a few straight quarterly losses. Gome’s situation is similar. The problem of capital chain, making them play price war is “hollow”. Order in the chaos is not falling, even management to fight back but was “overwhelmed”.

although announced a joint thousands of brands to create the biggest promotion since the beginning of every guest, the company is also facing a new structure, new strategy of the dual problem. Insiders at the time of communication with the authors also acknowledged that end-users is helpless, and is time-consuming and wealth, not with trading cut, easy to be forgotten.

so, drama or will be again.