Electricity giant party: all say some what

send DaiDian trader annual conference in recent days, electricity bosses have appeared, so a little bit of what they all say, cloud network hunting small make up take dry goods.

techweb report.

Mr Li: big electric business platform with deep pockets is false proposition

Pattern of electricity over the past three years

in the past three years, dangdang, jingdong, amazon tend to be homogeneous, no dislocation formation, the price war constantly has not formed into a pattern of strategic, this competition has become the development of some vertical electrical contractor provides the opportunity to gather beauty is superior, bee network, no. 1 shop, Vipshop demonstrates that, with the rise of the success of these patterns remains to be time inspection.

life service class electricity producers should pay more attention to the localization, such as laptop computers and cell phones Yi Xun net and other 3 c products in Shanghai area sales could have been, and jingdong match its strategy is now in Beijing, guangzhou, and even the southwest market, Mr Li does not advocate this approach. He pointed out that if his business again, will give up Beijing and other competitors have done very good market, specializing in weak area of the opponent. Since Yi Xun in Shanghai sales is very good, and gradually expand to jiangsu and zhejiang region in east China markets.



electricity enterprise is pay attention to the scale, Mr Li pointed out that the scale advantage is not competition threshold. For retail sales, the earnings scale is huge advantage, and the loss is huge disadvantage. He did not oppose the electric business enterprise to expand, alibaba in profitable part of the scale is positive, but if in the case of losses still in hyperbole is purely in the story. Retail is always small profit, should be the pursuit of return on capital, must learn to with small to large.

Mr Li talked about electricity mainly vertical scale, major appliances such as need the localization and distribution of category need to pay more attention to regional market, to serve a particular customer at the same time, pay attention to customer value, the cheapest price, the most abundant category, the best service. The past electric business platform has been do these three things at the same time, in fact no firm has the resources to do it all.

the opportunity has been

do electrical contractor must have the thinking of the Internet front-end fee does not work, must want to charge back end. Letv a TV cost a lot of money, you can have other profit channel, the process to increase the marginal benefit. For electricity is the flow entrance, but this is not the average person can do.

Mr Li pointed out that financial services is cloud services are all have a chance, in terms of financial risk has nothing to do with the Internet trading is how to resolve a problem to be solved.

at the end of the speech, Mr Li puts forward some Suggestions for the vertical electric dealers:

1, the big electric business platform with deep pockets is a false proposition, vertical electrical contractor should give up fighting and effective joint, the whole resource collaboration will have the chance to shuffle.

2, when the big electric business platform into energy to compete on price, service has faded, the chance came out.

tencent technology report:

aged reflection: every guest luxury, waste

Old, said that as a brand, compared with many brand cooperation, that have been covered with vanity.

“internal about every guest, often unconsciously said there is a building, there are 2 square meters studio, there are 10 square meters warehouses. And compared to those hard from the beginning to do the brand company, every guest’s extravagance and waste.” Chen said.

, he said that in the east of the office in Beijing, has signed on to the next July, has also made the rent in May next year. Two weeks ago, after the team to reach consensus, decided to move immediately. Because e-town office bandwidth problem, currently only moved xiao-hui xu (weibo) team, plan 9 months move is complete.

“why move now, because we recognize that only to the arrogant to manic, then can let the company on the attitude to health, to usher in a healthy growth, this is the real reason.” Chen said.

Started a new round of brand promotion in September

Chen said, every guest cooperation with many brands, thought that the traditional brand because of the high inventory and invincible on the Internet. But cooperation in a few months found that in addition to a handful of excellent traditional brands, on that sell good or network brand.

“must be firmly determined to do their own brand, Internet brand spring has just begun.” Chen said.

he also revealed that every guest in mid-september will start a new round of brand promotion. “In addition to the cooperation with the Chinese good voice, that the next brand promotes more Internet. Then the user will see every guest to do brand.”

hunting cloud network reported:

chairman in just one shop: 1 store innovation and try

is very happy and very gratified to see the past six months to a year’s time, China’s e-commerce gradually incline to rational, mature, electrical business pay more attention to the enterprise, pay more attention to build its own operation, pay more attention to variety, one of the very basic work, is innovation.

why innovation is so important? First of all, I think that innovation is the lifeline of an enterprise, this point is not exaggerated, a little too much, why do you speak? A you know once extremely bright, almost a monopoly of kodak film market, for fear of innovation for his own life, the result let others in his life. Once mobile is the world’s highest, but due to the continuing innovation, the emergence of the smart phone no results fell out of the top 10 nokia now, innovation is the lifeline of an enterprise, it is no exaggeration.

the second point I think the emergence of the Internet has a lot of new, because of his information dissemination, there is a big data can be big data, there is also a more rely on science and technology driven, electronic commerce is not simple many offline modeling to online, he was a revolutionary, there are many model of innovation, operation innovation, marketing innovation. It is difficult to phenomenon in offline, various types of business model, B2C, C2C, B2B, etc., and O2O, online technology, virtualization, social networking, shopping, local services, and mobile shopping, new things. That is constantly to keep up with the trend, and even leads the way.

I want to share is the number one shop we are how to realize integration, the good innovation are regarded as the case, the number one shop how to implement innovative, one is his old club amazon in addition to providing services for terminal customers, also for buyers, advertisers, website owners to provide marketing innovation, provide logistics services, warehousing services, online support, cloud computing, many patterns of innovation. Have a website, a British entered the site when you register when he began to build the consumer information, including family, be fond of, quickly bring each customer tag, and customers do accurate service of lay the foundation for the future.

1 shop how in innovation, we believe that innovation is not a slogan, how to implement corporate culture, innovation platform, all kinds of marketing innovation, business model innovation, etc. First of all, I still think before innovation enterprise before, we spent two weeks to consider what kind of enterprise culture is, how can we make our future may be built to last, we consider the following eight words, the good faith, customers, execution, innovation, we will set up an innovation centre, set up a platform for innovation, innovation platform can invite all of our employees, 8000 employees now, we have 40 million customers, partners, have put forward ideas to us, we two team a team assessment ideas, this is expert team they realizability of originality, capital have an assessment, submitted to the group, the strategic importance of the enterprise decision-making team according to the originality and ROI incubation for 30 to 40 projects each year, until eventually to project completion, if the project will become our formal operation of a successful model.

from innovation cultures, there are a lot of inside, including organization, innovation BBS, excellent industry leaders, invite industry innovation case, the process of innovation, case with guiding significance to the analysis of a lot of excellent enterprise innovation.

I give a few examples, such as this is the launch wireless number one shop, had found that just came out mobile scanning, in the virtual wall shelves have physical goods, can let the customer enjoy fun at the same time, the transfer customers from PC to mobile, launched a wireless number one shop a little bit, 27 meters wide variety of goods in Beijing to buy, subway isolation warehouse, waiting for the subway can buy. We shake mobile phone can bring up a can of coke, snacks, small commodities, let the customer enjoy fun at the same time, can quickly spread, some stores have ten thousand customers a day in the shaking.

we stay in wireless number one shop not only about 1.0 to 2.0 let him fall to the ground, into a 3 d virtual supermarket, you can take a mobile phone, directions to the place, in that there can be a virtual shelf wall, can see goods, click on the purchase, and zero cost, the idea of the cannes advertising festival award. We have a creative call to adapt to the center, we have a big factory they have a lot of new products to get customer feedback, customer repeat purchasing power, repurchase rate is high, customers have what kind of feedback, we talk to the customer’s demand, businesses need to adapt to run, at least we distribute more than 1000 goods out, the big can a little to one yuan to 1000 dollars, the customer is very welcome, give a lot of customer’s behavior and the data for analysis.

we want to help us to choose what kind of goods by the customer is the most suitable, we set up a platform for customer favorite call China good commodity, video provided by the merchants innovative products, to audition by the customer, the expert choice, customers hope we sell what kind of goods, there are more than 1000 merchants to provide their video.

there is a call social e-commerce, according to the customer’s past purchase, search, collect all kinds of behavior to compare humor, close to the customers with personalized to customer interaction, do on sina weibo micro group buying and so on.

this is the innovation of the operation management, PIIS, I in the entire network in more than 60 sites above, more than 1700 of the goods to catch their inventories, the background according to the value of my enterprise always for the above pricing strategy and value model, at the same time if there is no goods we according to popularity at the arrival of search goods decided to introduce what kind of goods, extended to the entire network to know those goods are popular, those who what kind of commodity prices.

there is a place called OTB, we found that inventory management in the past, because we at words tube in tube pin also often find inventory management, procurement of goods is not customers really want, squeeze a lot, so the OTB, according to the needs of users, how big is determined according to the existing inventory amount of purchasing goods, the old goods not clear off, there is no budget to purchase new goods. Our inventory after doing significantly enhance health, our turnover more than 20 days.

innovation from the supply chain, we began to do the RS technology behind the warehouse goods by acoustic control points, inside the laser do break down, and some new technologies to improve our efficiency. Last year our operational efficiency and operating costs by 37%. This is the innovation of the way we work with businesses, dunhuang mr.wong said just now, start taking platform model service for many businesses, we build a SDY, this is a platform called commodities, there are our warehouse management system, distribution management system, our marketing. Front we have a logistics service, warehousing services, distribution services, according to different characteristics of the goods, he may be a big-ticket items, precious commodity and so on to take a different service.

we have a lot of suppliers, there are nearly 4000 multiple vendors, many not the big suppliers have a lot of goods, hope every time he small and large type to us can reduce our inventory and delivery small he really is higher, so the method is called the first process, our logistics pickup take small weight, reduce our capabilities.

can’t be share with you our thought is innovation, we know the importance of him, he is electricity a key, but he is not a slogan, he needs enterprises have this kind of mechanism, do you want to have this kind of platform, you should have a variety of investment in innovation, to make innovation.