Electric tianyaer come in: tencent electricity of a paper

(compile: Zhang Man) tencent electricity update released today, there is a lot of aspect, hunting cloud network for readers to tease apart.

1, tencent strategic direction of the electric business proprietary + open.

among them, with the core of yi “proprietary”, devoted to setting up unified predictable service level and professional category management, establish public praise; QQ online shopping as the core of the “open platform”, will meet the needs of users on the non-standard category, to supplement proprietary platforms.

the transformation of business model means tencent has officially join the formal battle jingdong platform war.

2, clean up the unqualified stores

the current QQ tencent electric chamber of commerce completely upgraded to QQ online shopping mall, third-party merchants from the current 1.2 selected about 4000 ~ 5000, this also means more than half of the QQ mall merchants will be eliminated. Merchants margin increased to 50000 yuan.

screening business purpose is to push quality service, high-quality goods route.

3, open data, such as WeChat tencent’s core resources

tencent electricity in 2013 will focus on developing a variety of advertising, for merchants to provide a steady stream of new customer resources. And tencent’s big data open to sellers, the introduction of precision micro letter marketing, CRM and old customers to promote data such as marketing tools.

watch is tencent open core resources to the seller, also add fashionable WeChat marketing, but as to how the effect remains to be seen.