Eight press boycott jingdong promotion electricity cheap too killed the cat

press and electronic business has long been a scrap, always is a game in the dark, the contradiction between “finally surfaced.

recently by Beijing university press, the electronic industrial press, tsinghua university press and so on eight jointly launched a statement. Said in a statement, “recently, a few bookstores in book promotions to below sales price to the market behavior of dumping books, in violation of the relevant national law, harm the interests of press, destroy the normal order of the market”, so “the combination of the eight press will being dumped at below purchase price inverse books in the bookstore, punish, measures are not limited to suspend new delivery, terminate the contract of sale, etc.”

the tsinghua university press sales manager Wen Ruiying statement in weibo. Wen Ruiying weibo, according to “the jingdong to carry out the full 300 minus 100 coupons promotion this week. Eight clubs all species do not participate in the activity, has been under the jingdong, after the activity. Eight club league for determination to safeguard the order of the book market price is determined, all the irregular inverse sales price of electricity, eight clubs will resolutely resist and punishment!”

Wen Ruiying directed at jingdong. Why don’t press willing to participate in jingdong promotion? Eight press statement has clearly shows that the promotion of the electricity is lower than the purchase price serious infringement of the order of the publishing industry. But weibo has been Wen Ruiying deleted.

in March of this year, jingdong, announced that its book business sales of 1.5 billion yuan in 2012, rose 30%. Contrast dangdang 2012 book business sales, jingdong the sales of the book is about half of the venture. Jingdong expects its book business sales will reach 3 billion yuan this year. Jingdong has also revealed that the e-book business gross margin is about 35%, average daily PV is 1 million, but did not disclose the Maori paper books.

in April this year, media reports pointed out that in order to compete with dangdang, jingdong mall to threat of books suppliers, or dangdang, jingdong or price, otherwise the jingdong will give punishment to knot is not in accordance with the contract.

the personage inside course of study points out, jingdong isoelectric commercial ultra low-cost sales promotion is to connect the user on one hand, on the other hand is for the sake of filling performance. To press for and game is bound to generate a lot of contradictions. In the long run, is not conducive to business and win-win.