Eight educational concepts parents must understand

Education is not an easy task, a lot of taboos, a lot of precautions. Parents who will raise children must understand the following eight education concepts, take a look together.

First, family education is the easiest place to go wrong

First, most of our parents have not been specially trained. Whether it is a child, or grow up in love with family, whether in school or in the community, few people say to us how to be parents. Even if someone said, it is only elders. They may say “stick out dutiful son”, “do not fight not grow up” … These ideas in the life of the right? This requires us to reflect on.

To do the driver needs to drive school to learn 3 months to get a license, but to parents 3 months to learn it? Parents of different languages, behaviors, education will be in the child’s body to leave a different imprint, without special training Parents will inevitably go wrong.

Second, the parents hope their children make a success and look forward to women’s psychology, which tends to deviate from the direction of family education. There is a natural emotional connection between parents and children. In particular, mother-child relationship leads naturally to expectation. It is unrealistic that parents should not expect to realize their own accomplishments instead of sending their hopes to their children. A “Harvard Girl? Liu Yiting” sold millions of copies, it is the psychological reaction of parents. Over-care of parents, over-care deprived of children’s growth space. According to a survey conducted by the reporter of the “Yangtze Evening Post”, college students nowadays do not know how to arrange their livelihoods. Actually, many of them are young and old, do not think about anything and how can they grow up? Too extreme restrictions and excessive interference Will also hinder the release of children’s potential. We often stay at the table for the “Parents”: “You are my own life, I let you listen, you do not listen, I’m beating!” Thus, lack of “equality of personality” in family education – as stipulated in the “Charter of the United Nations” The fundamental spirit of how to make children healthy growth?

Third, many parents overlook their own educational responsibilities. Due to the general concern of society is school education, more parents consider school education, ignoring their own is the real basis for education, it is the key to determining the fate of children. As the saying goes: three years old. Childhood education affected people’s life, children’s initial understanding of the world from parents, family education unforgettable impact on people. Parents’ customary concept of parents is actually a derogatory term in English, which includes “patriarchal” and non-democratic meanings. To have a child to complete a thing must have a real understanding, acceptance, to be able to do a good job. Disregard of educational responsibilities, the bias of the concept of education will naturally lead to family education error-prone.