Eight business circle, and tranquility “threshold is higher than the United States embassy

high barriers to entry in this circle, refusal rates even higher than that of the us embassy.

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just got back from walking the gobi Chinese President TongZhiLei online, is the cradle “plan” (hereinafter referred to as the cradle of the first phase of the students. Interview, secretary general of the jade chamber of commerce (hereinafter referred to as the jie) Guo Jimei (English name) May tell “entrepreneurial state” reporter: “as long as the organization activities, TongZhiLei will come to, his special support, like this, ‘the guest’ trip to the gobi, he also went to, this time we organized more than 30 CEO, is the cradle of students peer… Site you can feel, everyone in the community is really have a special deep emotions in.”

a cradle is the earliest Chinese entrepreneur incubator, had no any successful model can draw lessons from. May be started with only one employee, “we are completely nonprofit operations, while doing. Teaching is one to one, and even more on the depth of a highly specific guidance. Hope this model will help to entrepreneurs.”

like Chinese online, in 2006, it is in a lot of problems in the process of growing up, TongZhiLei told website feel confused how to continue to go down. “When we organize a heavyweight class tutor, weekend time to go to his company all day, from morning till night study, analyzes his business model, the company operating conditions. After the teacher group to his advice: always go on.”

similar to help entrepreneurs Case, in the cradle. “Such as ms Chen is also very interesting. In 2010 into the cradle of the interview, he hasn’t done together is superior to the United States and do is Internet marketing website advertising. I asked lei jun teacher talked with him several times. After the chat ray teacher said that I don’t like what he did, but I think the guy who is good, has the potential to, might as well consider to let him into the cradle. Bosses look really very cow! You see gather beauty is superior sales last year reached 2.5 billion yuan.” May say.

in her view, cradle is a big family to entrepreneurs to grow, “and the core of the family is always different entrepreneurs.”

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in May this year, listed on the nyse lanting collection of potential. Wen xin ready to go to the United States, founder of the roadshow, received a very warm WeChat, chamber of commerce is the jie “students”, YY, founder of li3 xue2 ling2 sent him – “I just walked through the entire process, if you have any need, any link to share with me.”

lanting collection of potential is the first single in 2013 in U.S. stocks in the success of the IPO shares. And how to play YY is lei jun is the first company in nasdaq. Happen to two people as the cradle of 5 students. When wen xin to U.S. listed is the group of schoolmates and teachers are very care about.

in March 2007, wen xin and coming back from America at that time was still in the Google guo to disease, hit it off, intends to create a related to e-commerce website. “Xiao-ping xu teacher give us $100000.” They found two partners zhang liang and Yale, respectively responsible for supply chain and operations business, the company launched, just like that. Founded in 2007, they achieve $1 million in sales. Then although uncontrolled growth process is always accompanied by some macro aspect factor, but rather set potential still growing to achieve breakthrough, at present the business has covered 175 countries around the world. “Nyse listing just passed the college entrance examination”, said wen xin, their goal is to become an outstanding graduates.

“wenxin looks very nice and fashionable appearance, actually very low-key, sureness things well.” May say, “we were told he wanted to borrow the listed have a gathering. Nothing is worth doing, he said, the first step in the long journey to go. Then I said, that we don’t call celebrate, share will call, circles a discussion in the cradle. He agreed.”

wen xin peacetime seldom involved in the capital circle of entrepreneurship, cradle is he the only one. In fact, in his view, compared with the circle, focus your business is more important for entrepreneurs. Into the cradle is his good friend recommended, papaya mobile, chief executive of contemplate, he said, “Kevin, you have to come”.

“the jade, it grasps the strict interview such a screening mechanism, and a very senior executive committee to discuss you agree or disagree with the following statement.” After entering the jade, in addition to cradle arrangement advisor Wu Ying, mind and feel the biggest harvest is met a group of like-minded “students”.

cradle of entrepreneurs usually have two interactive ways, one is the exchange visits between enterprises, the second is normally between classmates party. “Reunion we also go to their company. Do we have a red wine with classmates, each time he took out a box of wine, we talk over coffee. Sometimes we go to shang pin shi-cheng zhao gathered there, he is our monitor. Sometimes to my company, we brainstorm together.” Wen xin said.

as “user experience” and “pricing” etc. Are they often discuss some of the party “Topic”. “We talk about the things that he has very little to do with specific business, mostly relatively abstract concept, general rarely involve the company how to solve the specific problem.”

the masterpiece of American gene in silicon valley’s entrepreneurial organization, organize regular cradle entrepreneurs each year to visit, study Tours in silicon valley. As May said: “we last trip to silicon valley, shi-cheng zhao classmates like the chicken blood, is really a few days and nights without sleep, visit during the day, night catch us constantly talk about business model, business purpose… “In wen xin opinion, this is the most valuable side trip. “It is not only silicon valley companies visit, also is the cradle with a bunch of like-minded companion, sharing of entrepreneurial experience, discuss business with each other.”

“the cradle of 8 period, I also recommend two students come to learn. The jie share nature and help entrepreneurs to the nature of the special good, insist on the road, don’t drift, will do better in the future.” However, he said, “if you have any Suggestions, I think can do more comprehensive supporting service system.”

not to make money

as 5 students, Beijing DE xinquan iot technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as DE xin lian) founder Austin zhang think entrepreneurship is his “so far to find the most fun thing”, “the greatest can improve ability of matter”. – “you’ll technology, understand management, but also understand the point of sale, to be with people, to deal with the government, it is a kind of comprehensive ability.” Austin zhang said.

“I do not to make money. That sounds special holiday, but it’s true. I mainly to improve ability. The most main is to constantly improve their ability. This is a necessary guarantee of happiness.” Zhang is very amiable, special love to laugh, he said he “wants to” recently in addition to improve the production efficiency, is the “questions about happiness”. “Xiao-ping xu teacher not happiness syllogism (stability and development of the employment, stabilizing and increasing the income, stable and choice of life), I have a theory of happiness is 6. On the basis of his plus three: one is mental health, the second is healthy body, the third is ability. Three all has nothing to do with the matter.”

in 2004, founded Austin zhang DE xin group, is one specialized is engaged in RFID (including smart tags, contactless smart card, composite card) production and personalized comprehensive solution of high and new technology enterprise. Product is fully automatic RFID inlay production equipment and robot with vision automation equipment. At present already listed in the three board of DE xin lian has 100 sets of equipment for the world’s most advanced RFID design, 24 patent core technology, in the global RFID industry in a leading position.

Austin zhang said from his former research in science and engineering products, more human, he spoke in the entrepreneurial process dealing with people is his greatest challenge. And in this respect, the growth of cradle thanks in part to study plan “for expanding class”. “Cradle Xu Jinghong teacher is the cradle of my tutor, learning style is one to one teaching. In the beginning, the teacher is xu in the teahouse to tell us, he think do tell us some of the most important node enterprise.” Said the he also find xu teacher lecture notes on the computer for journalists.

“enlightenment vc Hou Dong introduced me to cradle, mainly to learn.” Although the job is busy, but “the xu” class activities each issue will come to him. “We have six or seven xu teacher’s students, organize monthly climb mountains, xu teachers as the core, he climbed a, with the people with the man climb a, in the process of the mountain climbing, what’s the problem with the respective enterprise will communicate with the teacher.” He said.

as a technology dependent enterprise, manage their companies is the key. DE xin content is a high technical barriers, as the founder of every year he spends a lot of time with the team to research and development, so usually associate with cradle of students is not much.

but 5) classmate Chen the one thing that left a deep impression on him. Just outside into the cradle of students going to do 3 days training, when Austin zhang and ms Chen lived in a room. “Then I don’t think the lads. You said we develop end of that night, we chat the day, return to room already half past eleven, this elder brothers and turned on the computer MAO MAO MAO knocked up, and then began to make a phone call to working site said the ah that adjust… He this phone, do the work over there, call back again, crazy. This elder brothers graduated from Stanford, then high IQ, so hard again, also let people live, you say? It touch me a lot.”

he said there is a is communicating with classmates text contains very benefit. “We want to open a branch office at that time. Article contains happened just after the subsidiary, chat up, he would tell me how make equity ratio, how to motivate, how to estimate… Actually has more than 20 minutes. But after hearing what he said I find it most clearly.” The field solution, effective communication, he says, is any management books can’t provide.

and May help him docking with millet resources. “She was particularly willing to help others, so it’s really suitable for the jie this charity work. The atmosphere here is no commercial interests, very pure. May is a general issued role. If doping the interests of the individual, the organization would have lost.”

printing press

“May if there is a struggle, can say with us, we are willing to help.” Beijing chinese-german hao Xu Jie education group chairman said. She said, and jie passed a kind of faith and love. If done again big some more businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from. “Public welfare is a plus, but not limited by it. Open the limit, can function like enterprise.”

if anyone in the company after entering the jie disruptive changes, you must say Xu Jie china-germany hao nuo.

“into the cradle before, my company is not very good. Want to quit or not to do at that time. Was now the education company, auto vocational education international course, our foreign course introduction to China, to research and development, the development. Teaching material is great, but it touched the wall on the market business model.”

Xu Jie at that time they did three cars in the domestic colleges, their management, their admissions. As we all know, the domestic automobile education lag behind, lack of curriculum, lack of system. But they don’t recruit students, the company completely losing money, management is very difficult.

“happens to have a friend introduced at this moment, say there is such a group, I will go. When no expectations. But no ChengXiang heavy harvest.” Teachers and students Xu Jie and Austin zhang xu. “See teacher the first sentence and then I asked:” dry or not? “He said the first sentence:” you this thing will become. This gave me a lot of confidence.”

Xu Jie tells a reporter, she and xu teacher discussed repeatedly idea, pattern, “time add up to a few hours, he also personally to our company to see”. Then they readjust the business model, and made a new business plan. “The most important is that we adjusted the location.”

the china-germany hao’s reorientation in world class course content providers and service providers. Subsequently, closed Xu Jie institute of their cars. They will curriculum and system as a product, is divided into four categories, sold to all over the country, a senior colleges and vocational schools.

“we installed a printing press in the university.” In 2011, after change the business model of sino-german hao, colleges and universities to promote to cooperation. In 2011, there are eight schools and their cooperation, now has more than 50, estimates that can reach 100 next year. “Every year to take a multiple of 3 in growth. The students to read for 3 years, so the cash flow is also good, income is also growing at a rate of 300%.”

in fact, fission needs a good seed genes. Sino-german hao, before has deep 4 years in this field. They developed more than 80 textbooks, in the automobile industry in the world’s leading content.

the accumulation, won’t produce the fission. Business model is adjusted, guanghua came out, and the vc also come in soon after. “Next year or the year after listing, China, the United States we can do.” As the company’s various growth, now she May introduce about Juliet wu, please the teacher, one-on-one learning enterprise process management.

the company development, jay played a great help, she felt cradle one-to-one teaching effect is very big. “But students circle, if you are a resource-based enterprises, can be helpful, but I am not this kind of enterprise, so there’s not much to participate in team activities. But I also can feel 5) as a whole have a positive, positive energy, a group of people is very good. By the way, I went to the mind and will share after listed, will also be his successful experience summary. The most important thing I remember two things: one is the right, business model chosen the right; The second is to choose the right person, what person is critical to do this.”

Xu Jie special pragmatic as entrepreneurs. She thought the circle ah, schoolmates, teachers, including cradle are good, this is “in helping you find yourself”. For an enterprise to make it or not, in the final analysis, to FanQiuZhuJi founder.

at the end of the interview, the reporter asked if can fully choice in the world, want to be what person? Xu Jie seriously gave an unexpected answer: spiritual guide. Be happy to help others.


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