Editor’s note: which is easy and friendly intercourse? Can consider to elderly market

mom and complain that there is too much the function of the micro letter to me, take up the mobile space is too big, she can’t normal operation of the micro mobile phone basic letter now. Picked up her old cool cell phone still in android 2.2 times even install the old version 4.0 WeChat occupy almost 16, 7 m, memory, and add WeChat storage of data, that is too big to scary. Mother’s cell phone to run basically card to death, so have been asking me if there is any other smaller software can replace.

in the domestic market, like I take out the mobile phone directly for parents to use, and this batch just aging parents, most can operate these intelligent equipment. They are not willing to spend to update their mobile phone, at the same time, the letter because not willing to spend and choose to contact friends and relatives for voice. But now their phones more and run WeChat.

this is an undiscovered market?

netease just half block half mask broke out easecredit function: the latest differentiation competition overseas calls for free. At this point, can be sent directly by the address book free speech information killer function, pick up the tencent deserted from the media, focus on optimizing the public platform. Yi letter issued by the netease cooperate with telecom, with extreme cutting function and interface, so one step a footprint digs out gradually. And this kind of differentiation competition effect is very obvious, making its subscriber growth is rapid, the latest data show that users has soared to 10 million. Blowing the horn to break the monopoly WeChat the.

on September 23, alibaba launched the latest generation of friends “and” interactive platform. And the product positioning is a good friend of interactive platform, mainly based on the relationship between acquaintances. In addition to conventional text, voice, picture, location also supports burn after reading, talking pictures, cluster, 500 group of National People’s Congress, and so on. Ali and also suggests plans VOIP Internet phone function was introduced in this year, is currently in private beta, users can use the account speak directly.

however, the aggregation snapchat fortress object (microns), Brian, WeChat, made-up cluster program functions such as product, because there is no “friends” this basis, for such a product positioning friends interactive platform software, function is very good, the classmates to move again, and I still have a “chicken ribs”. However, may offer VOIP Internet telephony features, and users may give bring a glimmer of hope. The positioning, appears to also will do just to dream big and prepared to make a future! Then, cloud network hunting for download, but suddenly shine at the moment: is that the software is only 11.09 M. It’s a than a lot of function above blingbling one bright spot.

so hunting cloud network dedicated to find a configuration or mononuclear huawei c8650 600 MHZ, very old, its operating system also wandering in the android 2.3.

after hunting cloud network test, and the opening speed, interface response on the same phone contrast micro letter difference is very apparent. Open only WeChat 5.0 less than a quarter of the time, the interface response also does not have any caton, WeChat apparently only ha ha. But when open the contact dialog box to the bug, program crashes closed but automatically open again, all other normal. This is definitely a great irony: IM a IM product function cannot be used, and for cash and other functions in the flash to the human eye blink, let a person can feel a kind of put the cart before the horse. On the interface between echoes the WeChat, but the aggregation snapchat fortress object (microns), Brian, WeChat, function of made-up stick out so much, the software also can be so small, is indeed full of alibaba (need to know this a few applications have to more than 10 M any dimension). And product positioning strategy is closed doors have a good thinking about thinking, how to make “friends” to come here! About VOIP Internet phone functions, didn’t see the dry, still wary of the first three carriers!

product positioning problem coming and going on the Internet in the history of the enterprise all previous challenge IM market, has repeatedly appeared. But with a product that is done very delicate, have to praise one. But in fact, such a delicate products get rid of those jumbled functions, do more delicate. Specializing in family communication, such as my mother look after half of the elderly, presumably very bright future.

Momo dating based on the geographic location of the strangers, the fire; Comrade zank specialized service in social, also obtained a rapid growth. As easy letter, the associate, it is the pragmatic think accurate market positioning. Otherwise want to counter attack, just big companies dream of narcissism and YY. Easecredit free overseas calls the function, the latest Revelations and commitment to the pragmatic functions of VOIP network telephone, said hope to can do it as soon as possible, otherwise the differentiation competition is impossible, or difficult to escape the curse of tencent.