Easecredit VS WeChat giants of the cross-border marriage can counter attack

this morning, China telecom joint netease held a press conference, the two sides jointly build IM tools “yi letter” from the rumors become reality finally. For a IM , easy to believe the overall user experience is good, but if you want to challenge the micro letter has a lot of places need to improve, but the appearance of yi letter makes operators, OTT enterprise, and the Internet giants were disillusioned, the original operators and Internet companies could also be win-win cooperation.

we need to solve problems

a just out IM products will inevitably exist many problems, and with their own growth is needed to solve these problems, easy to believe the overall user experience is good, but if you want to compete with WeChat, yi letter also appear too immature.

first, social relations, the import ability is poor. the rapid rise of micro letter and powerful chain of social relations have a direct cause of the first edition easecredit social import capacity obviously relatively weak, although by mobile phone number to register can quickly match inside address book contacts become easy letter friends, for the newly launched easecredit, though, address book can be added in the little friends.

we can have another talk with wing binding, import wing chat friends, chat but wing user itself is not much, social relations, the import function also is not big. As two similar products, the means of easy letter chat wing will sacrifice.

we also have the first edition lacks “shake” and “near” add buddy, reduces the way of establishing social relations. This may be related to easecredit stressed the “authenticity” circle of friends, but not so give up shake, near people add buddy, social circle are true friends is decided by the users themselves, yi letter to a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, on the function of its own and users is a kind of hurt.

it is worth mentioning is believed to have invited friend functions, but not set some invitation incentive hard to allow the user to generate power, because the user contacts other is a kind of harassment, most people don’t want to bring a friend.

second, free text messages, phone message function delivery rate is low. tested easily believe that two big functions, not a send success free text messages, and phone messages sent 6 time success only twice. Free text messages and phone messages two big functions is easy to believe the strongest weapon, is also the most threatening against WeChat two big functions, if only nominally chicken ribs, will not be able to stir up interest users. On the user experience and successful delivery, we still need to make efforts.

the third, the function is drab, lack of appeal . Although easy to believe it is a social product, but rich social product will also attaches great importance to the basic functions. Easecredit main body function similar to WeChat, voice, picture, video and other rich media messages and circle of friends is big main functions, and easy to believe on the auxiliary function only the most simplified “scan”, than WeChat is monotonous. Micro letter development has spawned a lot of auxiliary functions, drift bottle is the most basic auxiliary function, shake friends spawned a wave sweep out listening to music, function more rich have to sweep the bar code, the qr code, cover, street view, translation, etc., which represented by the flying more popular social games. In addition, WeChat public account, mobile payment, and other functions but also enriched the WeChat role. Compared in terms of the first version of the letter is too much less easily, but for the newly launched products also can be, can only say that there has been a significant improvement in the future.

4, easy letter started later than WeChat for two and a half years. now WeChat has 4 user to master absolute market position, now everything is going to rain rain, fledgling easecredit is very difficult in the competition for the user. Although easecredit winged chat user base is not zero, but with micro letter far users gap, social tools itself has very strong Matthew effect, and most of the micro letter user has formed a relationship chain, attract users transfer difficulty is very big. Far do not say, and in front of the easecredit fetion, Momo OTT application, first on the users beyond both, we didn’t deserve and micro letter.

easy letter to netease, telecom value

again simple discussion to the value of the letter.

drive netease news, email and other business . Yi letter how big is the market value of it is difficult now, but WeChat email, tencent news, music, games, leading role is obvious, netease and tencent have a direct competition in these business. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull