E world owe to power IT sells out three major reasons

on October 27, hunting cloud network news

just have a weibo, according to the netizen has zhongguancun e world building owners default property costs more than 1200 1200 yuan, property company has been unable to pay electricity, power supply company will be held on October 29th to zhongguancun e world power. Many netizens from crying, once gold shops, zhongguancun E world today’s predicament is reflecting an offline IT stores decline.

the Beijing morning post said, zhongguancun e world property company, said the interior of the building owner of overdue property fee, repeatedly urged, led to the current property company is unable to pay the electricity bills to the power supply company. Staff said, for failing to pay the owner of property costs, property companies have begun to Sue, “the electricity charges paid by us, but from September to October, more than 200 ten thousand yuan bills, there is no ability to bear the”.

businesses cannot afford, reflects the status quo is behind IT stores decline. Fall behind there are three major causes:

one, with the high-speed development of e-commerce, the original is given priority to with the top and e world gold IT stores gradually show weakness, a large number of young customers choose online purchase of IT products, gradually reduce the passenger flow. Price relative to the market closed, the website of the price is more transparent, and door-to-door delivery service is more convenient and convenient. Represented by su ning of big IT stores online is also forced to gradually shift to the transformation. This is the external environment.

2,’re incapable, reputation. Forcing soliciting, consumption, cheat consumer. These tags around the tripod, e around the world. Even though IT sells continuous improvement the mess, but because is less tenant, habit is hard to stop. There are still some consumers are slaughtered, the successive exposure. Is accompanied by the consequences of consumers more to distrust the merchants, traffic to reduce gradually, light conversion. Merchants can not sell the goods, more difficult to talk about profit.

3, merchants transformation flee

a few days ago, hunting cloud network editor to the top and e world visiting friends, found that although stores lease has a sharp fall in prices, but there is still a large number of idle units. Many existing businesses with low price to sublet. In fact, there are deep reasons behind this: a large number of high sensitivity of merchants, have already started to move the focus of the business to online, start selling electricity which is not the need for a physical store to support the facade, this is also the reason of merchants a large amount of operation.