Dropbox new API: service application developers across equipment cross-platform synchronous application data

Dropbox today launched two New API , it can help other application to synchronize its application in data and metadata ( the Metadata ). This marked the Dropbox has been out of the original file cloud storage network location positioning, began to a broader market.

Dropbox data storage API ( Datastore API ) could help the application to store structured data and metadata. Application developers can use to protect user data. At the same time it is also a synchronous API , the application developers to use the API , can realize cross-platform, contact data synchronization across equipment users, to-do lists, and other data. I can think of a good is: a lot of games, especially is connected to the single cell phone games can use the API to realize cross-platform game synchronization across devices.

Drop – Ins API , it allows developers to pull its user is stored in the Dropbox in the file, display in the application. This means that if a to-do list – or photo storage application and Dropbox have relations of cooperation, the user of this information can use Dropbox API to store and display.

Dropbox online these two API is the purpose of providing a developer with cross-platform service.