Dried shrimp “yu gong yi shan” : to reshape music industry chain

(editor: qing nan)

yesterday afternoon, shrimp numerous high-level network CEO wang led the company and the product team arrived in Beijing dongcheng district bar yu gong yi shan, purpose is not to drink wine to celebrate the arrival of, only to release long-simmering new plan, their dream is to change the domestic current situation of the music by a new play.

in the meeting, shrimp musicians platform officially released. And the market is the biggest difference between products, objects, aimed at the independent musicians this seemingly “lonely” market. Through this platform, shrimp will allow independent musicians and labels on them to download copyrighted music “independent pricing”, musicians will get 100% of its revenue.

in many aspects because of independent musicians trapped platform and channel limit, always in a vulnerable position. In response, wang hao for musicians to open taobao shop as running my own business. He shout the slogan was, “we don’t earn money to the poor, to let them make money.”

not only that, although the domestic online music market high charges are difficult to tiptoe, shrimp net was already firmly carry the banner of the charging mode, what is the reason to let wang hao and team so moving?

chaotic music market

in 2008, shrimp online line, is located in charge music market, the decision is mainly originated from wang personal hardship experience.

from around 1999, he was in hangzhou to do the work related to music, to undertake the musicians play. He find, besides absolute pop star, the vast majority of musicians from show the traditional channels become more and more difficult to make money. It also touches his use of new ways to help the artist to make money.

however, shrimp advocacy of copyrighted music market, showing a different story.

domestic copyright confusion also let music industry practitioners. A copyright pricing is very chaotic, there is no a unified standard and institutions. Basic music copyright resources are three labels to control. The same copyright resources, similar to baidu music and small website to buy the copyright, price six to one. Second, most musicians itself is hard to get money from the copyright, due to the lack of pricing power, most basic is a record company bought exclusive late returns. According to the survey, the domestic musicians has four chengdu is the main source of income, copyright and album sales accounts for only 10%.

in this case, the shrimp in the purchase of the original copyright has paid a high price. At present, the copyright costs accounted for the company more than 60% of the expenses. Not only that, but also endure the record company “torture”. It is said that on one occasion, shrimp to buy the new album, universal notice them to the public after a month to allow promotion in mainland China. However, after a month, pirate record has been prevalent. Make the shrimp missed the best promotion opportunity.

wang believes that caused the present status of the music is the problem of the industrial chain, including the mechanism of original record companies, how to quickly let the consumer to hear this song, pushed to the front of them, these problems are not solved, will never make money.

shrimp of toll roads

although the start to pursue the route of the original music, but is the most began to implement shrimp is interaction of the concept of P2P download payment mode. The gradual adjustment later as the situation changes, now single downloads and monthly or package in the combination of the membership.

a series of measures of dried shrimp is all about let users change not willing to pay for music spending habits, but the change is not easy.

in June, three major record pressure, the original music website “agree” will be fully charge. However, mainstream sites in the last time playing hide-and-seek began to backpedal, fully paid and download went up in smoke.

this let wang hao is very lonely. , he said, in the domestic most of the music web site under the condition of free music online and download, need to continuously expand and optimizing the library, and provides the high quality music download content, have a further chance to do it.

in May this year, shrimp launching VIP service, the user can in monthly or package download copyrighted music. At present, users pay rate to five over one thousand, to 20 million the number of users at present stage accumulation, dried shrimp has as many as 100000 users join to pay, “if I pay can rise to 5%, the proportion of the domestic market will reach the whole music scale of billions, and now the size is just at the level of $one hundred million.”

jack ma’s acquisition of shrimp, the official ali saw the potential of online music market. Wang hao, he is said to have investment ask a word is, “how much do you need to change the music market today? Let’s get things big.”

in this case, the shrimp will look into the independent musicians this market. Because the shrimp to do in the future is a including consumer, independent musicians and record companies, ecosystem.

copy the mode of “taobao”

in the music on the stage, range approved independent musicians can be in the shrimp online opened personal home page, sold by users to download their own copyright of music works, the resulting revenue 100% returned to the musician. In addition, similar to warner, universal such big record companies also can come to open a shop, shrimp nets will not withhold the corresponding income.

at present, the shrimp online download a 0.8 yuan each, the default pricing “musicians platform” after launch, allow independent musicians in the shrimp online to download copyrighted music “independent pricing”, download single RMB price range from 0 to 50 yuan, audition remained free.

this is similar to “taobao model”, dried shrimp independent musicians like to open taobao shop, big record companies Tmall shop is open. Early users, is free later to consider other sources of income. It is understood that in the first two years after its launch, shrimp will implements completely free for musicians, expired or can consider other revenue model.

in wang hao’s view, at present most of the music web site home page recommendation mechanism, there are many disadvantages list basic dominated by famous singer and record company, some talented independent musicians are buried. Shrimp is through the platform of independent musicians to do cooperate with machine + artificial recommended mechanism, to match users like, every musician has its own display.

wang hao said, now apply for open the musicians of the platform, may have about six or seven hundred people, estimates that by the end of this year about five thousand people, more to the future. “We try to locate in, let musicians use dried shrimp directly to consumer groups,” wang said, “let the industrial chain upstream of the creator to make real money.”

music on the stage as well as the background operation range, set up shop tools, paid services, shrimp will release “musicians through train” marketing services, will contain the record companies, music festival, media interviews, TV shows, and even the tour and so on. In addition, dried shrimp nets will also planned to use the taobao platform resources to sell music works.

shrimp this platform mechanism allows the music sales and crowd positioning with judgment possible, this will also provides the reference for the major record labels. Because in similar baidu music download sites, basic can’t detect the record company users download the crowd and sales data.

although it still has a large purchases of copyright cooperation, but dried shrimp nets netting musicians, in turn, make the ecological approach also seems to be standing in the opposite of the record company. As for how long can change the present situation of music, wang himself is no answer.

the good news is that, like the mind small labels such as music, have tasted the sweets in shrimp online early try water, and make the company to achieve the part of the profit, this is a good start.