Dried shrimp nets will attempt to call real time listening to the music list are cloud storage mode

on April 3, dried shrimp, founder and CEO wang disclosed, shrimp nets are exploring cloud storage mode and grasp music listening techniques, such as “the future users may be just a paid account and a cloud storage, it can call its purchase of music list, listen to music anytime and anywhere.”

shrimp nets launched its latest mobile client, compared with the original in addition to listening without landing, also added “shrimp MiCai” for the first time according to different user groups such as song push function, at the same time, more new site can be directly synchronized offline to the mobile phone function, realizes the seamless web sites and mobile terminal.

the new shrimp web app according to the characteristics of the smart phone, made a personalized changes on UI. As in the “shake” and “sliding” tactility for the integration of the operation, operation; Itself at the same time from the UI design interface USES apple’s facial recognition technology, so you can see the dynamic background are artist’s face.

with the domestic other music web site called “free” brand is different, dried shrimp is one of the earliest attempts to charge music website, in addition to the user can free online audition, download, 80% of the songs, we have to pay for the other 20% of the high quality music to listen to. Dried shrimp nets to record company guaranteed the copyright fee every year, if the user downloads over the base number, shrimp nets will again according to each song downloads and into the record company.

it is understood that the shrimp nets so far has accumulated more than 12 million users, currently about 1% of the users download started trying to pay, has become the high quality music fan, shrimp nets, along with the further expansion of the user, the amount and proportion of subscribers by the end of this year is likely to further increase.

and phase compared to the traditional Internet, mobile Internet users should be charge for music downloads are more likely to accept, with the development of mobile Internet, the demand for high quality music download user will continue to grow. Apple’s iTunes to pay depend on music business, for the company bring in $7.5 billion in 2011.

the personage inside course of study guesses, because the shrimp platforms currently has 20% songs were paid music, mobile phone APP client or dried shrimp will continue its approach in the Internet, namely “ordinary music + high quality music download free charge”.

, musician gao xiaosong also revealed that the July 1 Internet downloads music will begin to charge. The news also caused the wide attention of the personage inside course of study and discussion, wang said, the mobile Internet environment more conducive to music to “positive”, “users paying, musicians received the money, do music is power; Website can do product experience well, at least give changed the server, so that users can get a better product experience, resulting in a benign cycle.

source: sohu IT