Douban why start from “slow” turn “fast”?

(editor: qing nan)

in domestic social guide electrical contractor site by noise quiet period, another company has a strong viscosity users of douban has opportunity to advance to the quarterfinals.

strictly for douban, guide it into electricity business for a long time ago, we are most familiar with is and dangdang, the reading to recommend the amazon sites such as services, in addition, also in the movie tickets, group purchase, etc. Although electricity industry in a knockout, powerful follow-up development space still produce infinite imagination. But watercress common logic seems to be the most current product using electricity, quickly will flow into real money.

in the past, mention douban, the personage inside course of study will give up literature and art, slow company label, in the slow tempo of a gradually to finely crafted user every psychological motivation and products. But from the point of the span of nearly more than one year, watercress seems to gradually change the original rhythm, after all, for a company founded in 2005, the management team is not only to enjoy the benefits, the capital behind the party also has the same interests.

douban’s “fast” in several aspects:

1, the product release rhythm: on douban basic are around to read a few years ago, reviews, both group and so on several big products. But from douban reading last may work shop online, to launch a service charge for music, earlier this year to launch a service guide social electricity, coupled with poor recently due to steal them data forced the closure of the “footprint”, watercress product rhythm is obvious “fast”. On the mobile APP, is increased to 9 kinds.

2, staff size: douban has nearly 400 employees, to know the media data is only more than 200 people last year. Although compared to other giant is not a class, but compared with its own there has been a sharp rise,

3, operational data: although PC users have been mobile APP, but the web client monthly unique visitors has reached about 180 million, compared with last year officially in August 100 million the 80% increase.

why faster?

1, capital to promote, speeds up the profit requirements.

so far, douban has completed the three rounds of financing, the $2006 in 2 million, is the earliest one second for $10 m in 2009, is a recent $2011 in 50 million. Although the first two rounds of amount is not big, but according to the general VC about 3 to 5 years into the harvest, watercress need to speed up the pace to profit or push on the market.

Yang Bo

2011 years, said the company is close to a profit, but a year later, he still is the only revenue from the do level in the 2012 full-year revenue forecast is $80 million. Douban real operation situation how, the outside world, there is no one knows. However, since last August, some executives and senior team’s departure or seems to be watched out a signal.

2, products to mature stage, began to harvest.

douban since established, has relied on its own unique algorithm, recommended to the user you want or the content of the product. Because of this, the user viscosity is stronger. Currently large douban users based on data mining is more complete, can support the douban product rapid iteration and the development of new products.

to launch a series of charges for douban products, CEO Yang Bo (north), the explanation is not deliberately to commercialization, but the whole industry changes are let things become possible. The implication is that the timing problem.

douban next stop

aside douban new electricity navigation is really successful, factly electricity marketing content, after all, users can accept is still a problem. How to hold the balance, test a product team. Douban, moreover, the rising number of competitors, the service life of cultural consumption website constantly emerging, jingdong, ali and tencent in the guide to build their own community, objectively, will impact on douban.

at present, the profit pattern of douban is mainly buy mainly display ads, divided into, brand marketing, combined with the newly launched music, books, etc. But under the moving trend, big data + cloud computing as a main trend, the profit pattern of douban original have to adjust.

the web side, although douban has had the high viscosity of the product, but can be concluded that watercress in deep excavation user requirements of existing products at the same time, new products continue to expand. Commercial in the future should be move not website into daily life, the social foundations. After all, the user determines the tonality of douban, also determines its future business form.

what to do next? We are unable to specific predictions. Yang Bo explanation is given, in the long run, what can help you in real life value will be more in the long run, this has become a douban what to do and not do one of the standard.

the outbreak of the mobile Internet, for him, rather then a liberation, because mobile devices become more independent, not like a PC now numerous links, in the process of building without logic on the basis of the original products. Douban, therefore, the launch of the APP are independent, but on the basis of the traditional resources on the web.

however, in the market and the capital under double pressures, watercress have to speed up the pace of adjustment, but in the end, still need to conform to the business logic.