Dota2 really want to come! On September 25, formal open test

like to play DOTA2 (Chinese name: knife tower) friends, good news. By perfect world dress agent of the game since September 25, formal open open test. “DOTA2” in mainland China will abolish all activation code, all players can enter the game at the same time.

the DOTA2 is a blend of action RTS and RPG character of the global high-quality goods, is a professional e-sport game one of the most popular game, game software and technology leading by the United States company Valve research and development.

today at the launch of DOTA2 campus champions, perfect world CEO Xiao Hong said: “we have for the” DOTA2 “in the mainland of China open test perfected the game the localization of product function, ready to meet all of the players. We are looking forward to more players to join the DOTA2 family and feel the charm of the DOTA2 together.”

it is understood that perfect world company announced last year won the “DotA2” China’s authority, and in China in October 2012, officially open the first test on April 28, 2013. In nearly a year time, DotA2 got the enthusiastic pursuit of domestic players.

based on this, a perfect world with AMD, dell started the “DOTA2 campus champions”. The time series will follow in 30 cities 200 colleges and universities, for about 180 days, will eventually from four RACES region determined by the final champion.