Don’t want to be a SLR’s cell phone is not good the company: the company issued 1020 nokia 41 million pixels

according to foreign media reports BGR science and technology, Beijing time today early morning, nokia officially launched flagship mobile phones.

the company 1020 specific configuration is as follows:

4.5 inch screen, 1280 x 768 resolution, dual-core processor Xiao dragon (Snapdragon), 32 gb of memory, 2 gb of RAM.

slightly behind the dual-core processor and 2 gb of RAM is enough to make WP8 system run unimpeded. Full HD display design, estimates that will also be loved by the masses of users. As a flagship phone, perhaps the company 1020 configuration does not let us shine at the moment.

it after all, not more than the selling points of the internal configuration. 41 million 41 million pixels of pure view camera, is the company that “the king”.

compares micro sheet 1020, the company provides users with the best configuration and the most abundant functions: high-grade level of Carl Zeiss lenses, the second generation of the optical image stabilization technology, abundant audio recording function, double capture mode, long exposure time shooting function (B) door and Nokia Pro Camera software and so on.

although main powerful pictures, but the company 1020 not clumsy in appearance, it can just be placed in the pocket of the user. As previously the company in 920, the company 1020 fuselage used polymer polycarbonate material, inherited the company nokia series consistent design style. However, 1020-920 slightly lighter.

in addition, the 1020 also comes with an easy to hand accessories, but users need to pay extra to get $79.99. However, for those who like taking pictures with a camera, it’s worth the money.

it is understood that the company will be 1020 by AT& T officially sold exclusively on July 26, binding 2 years contract price of $299.

while the Nokia for the user to present a fairly attractive equipment, can be used to analyze the industry, the company 1020 probably because carrying WP8 system and high prices, and facing an embarrassing situation of the market. Support on the one hand, it lacks the content, on the other hand, the company 1020 also need to deal with from apple, samsung, and even compete with the card camera to 41 million pixels.