Domestic cloud storage industry will go into vicious competition or

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

haven’t really start to thrive, cloud storage industry in China is faced with the risk of vicious competition.
On August 14, 360 has always been in the forms of market spoiler, announced that its cloud disk service will provide 360 g permanent free space for each user. Before that, baidu, jinshan two companies has just announced that it would for its cloud storage users with large capacity of free space.

in that compete with one, but not except capacity more meaningful. Operators are simple and crude market means, make the whole industry is only one step away from vicious competition.

simple rough competition capacity
This round of the capacity of the contest starts from the baidu, on July 23, announced that baidu cloud, who fought in the baidu world conference activities to receive 50 g user, as long as 0.1 yuan can be renewed for one year, but had received 100 g users as long as 0.2 yuan can be renewed for one year.

in the user’s view, the favourable activity seem a bit chicken ribs, first of all, this is baidu world conference favorable user’s exclusive activities, secondly is inexplicably set up a pay wall, although not tall, but a little bit of a problem after all. Baidu, however, quite as hao, its propaganda caliber in call this “baidu has other industry peers to rival the mind”.

but soon, jinshan will compete to upgrade. On August 12, has just completed $20 million financing of kingsoft cloud group announced that from now on, jinshan fast disk personal edition will launch “permanent free 100 gb space” plan, regardless of the old and new users a 100 g permanent free space can be obtained.

G space, permanent free, these words just grabbed media attention, by contrast, baidu cloud renewal activities suddenly seem unnecessary.

however, jinshan also not too long, two days later, 360 announced cloud plate, will provide 360 g permanent free space for each user. According to 360 consistent style, of course, the 360 g be broken up into 100 g of PC users, and 260 g of two kinds of mobile phone users. User if really want to have 360 g space, must at the same time as the PC users of cloud plate of 360 mobile phone users and end. Of Zhou Hongyi cheap, not so good.

users real demand cover
In fact seriously, capacity has never been cloud storage industry need to solve the problem. Such as tencent’s “cloud” cloud storage products, you can find that micro cloud photo album has always been an unlimited storage capacity, can be called an infinite capacity. Capacity in this sense, don’t be a problem, now industry participants get capacity, actually is a “false problem” smugness, not hype.

in this hype, users really need are covered: convenient entry and fast speed, stable and reliable safety. Relative to these issues, but capacity is not important, on the premise of from convenient, capacity of again big also useless, after all, if download upload speed is too slow, the so-called cloud service is not as good as U disk is practical, what’s more, the vast majority of users with no so much space.

but the capacity is one of the most intuitive, the most easy to quantitative indicators, so these companies are willing to make an issue of on it, because the communication effect. As for the real and urgent user needs, by contrast, is more or less a bit “lose-lose” feeling, natural no one is willing to put in more effort.

although on the surface, cloud storage capacity between the product and is beneficial for the user. But the simple and crude “kicking” type of competition, it is easy to enterprise to ignore the real interests of the user, more let a person to smell the smell of vicious competition.