Do not abandon, do not give up, even if fall abyss, Microsoft will not cut Surface


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Microsoft today released the launch Window RT system tablet Surface 2 and Windows 8 system Surface Pro 2 .

last year, when the first generation of Surface RT just released, ballmer confident once said: “ Surface will let Microsoft anew.” Just a year later, the once the product of high hopes to let Microsoft lost 9 1 $. Which once high-spirited, traders ballmer, has also has announced that it will leave within a year.

apparently, Surface not shake the market dominance, also failed to resist Android tablet this rising star. Worse, many times for dumping stock price behavior, let it become the Microsoft is trying to transformation and may not be the laughing stock.

in this case we can not help but ask, why Microsoft will continue to adhere to development Surface series?

Surface tablet — a chess pieces in the Microsoft software and hardware integration strategy

as a sunset industry, PC giant Microsoft inevitably face transition of labor. As a huge user base, perfect and powerful Windows system of Microsoft, the most hope is the software can take the original advantage, to the integration of hard and soft the ecosystem of the translation. However, if you want to challenge apple and Android position, Microsoft must do both. First of all, Microsoft will solve the problem of lack of application of deadly (of course this is mainly said is Surface RT , Surface Pro is more like a “super”); Second, Microsoft will have reliable hardware Allies. Lack of application of the topic we will discuss later, this has always been about hardware.

Surface Power Cover

Microsoft is a very interesting company. In the beginning of creation, in order to beat apple, Microsoft and many OEM cooperation manufacturers to produce a large amount of compatibles. And after Microsoft become a giant, is gradually closed up. In addition to charge high licensing fees, Microsoft to use its own closed Windows system, bring down startup company such as netscape. Obviously, at present of the impossible, like Google, Microsoft make an open source Android system. It will be more willing to like apple, relying on their own accumulated software advantage, build a closed from hardware to software ecosystem. Therefore, it needs to produce its own mobile intelligent device. Surface as one of Microsoft’s children, of course, by Microsoft even if the son’s bad performance again, Microsoft as a mother will not abandon it. The reason is very simple, did not have their own children, Microsoft on pension? As Carolina Milanesi, an analyst, puts it: “the tablet represents the future, even though the Surface let Microsoft to bear huge losses, but it is a necessary evil “.

not only that, even if Microsoft bought a nokia, also won’t let underperforming Surface face the fate of the end. First of all, Microsoft to buy nokia, but I did not buy nokia Here maps application department, obviously, Microsoft just want nokia hardware brand and the user. Secondly, the acquisition was somewhat helpless. Nokia as WP accounted for the largest smartphone maker, if seen nokia die, who will replace nokia WP to learn? Surface both Microsoft challenge Android weapons, but also to a certain extent, have played an important role in preventive (according to the report, nokia’s next month 22 introduction 10.1 Windows RT tablet).

Surface 2 silver version


the COO Kevin Turner pointed out in this week: “Microsoft’s revenue in the 55% from the enterprise services, and revenue generated by the ordinary consumer market share 20% “. However, the advantage of the enterprise market is based on the PC the services of The Times, the boundaries between the enterprise market and ordinary consumer market nowadays is not obvious. Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett pointed out; “In the long run, there is no so-called enterprise market. Is purchased by the company, only for the use of personal service, and individuals to buy, for their own use of the service.” This means that, at present in the enterprise market advantage of Microsoft and cannot be closed, should focus on personal consumption market. The Surface tablet as Microsoft’s own brand, but also important entry into mobile intelligent device field.

although Microsoft in the PC