Dismantling Moto X: production costs $221

as Google acquisition MOTOROLA’s first flagship mobile, MotoX was high hopes. Bare-metal although operators sell the price of $579, let it do not have the top configuration of mobile phone lost a certain market appeal, can be customized services, such as voice control and so on special function, or for MotoX make enough media attention and the user.

recently, a market research firm IHS, MotoX for the dismantling, and points out that the MotoX production is about 221 dollars.

in addition to the $209 cost of the material, production and processing of Texas in the United States as a mobile phone, every MotoX artificial assembly costs $12, which is more than made in Asia mobile phone an average of four to five dollars. However, an analyst with IHS Wayne Lam, pointed out that, on the other hand, this also let Moto X customized services more easily.

MotoX use dual-core qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 processors, costs about $28. The other two gestures and voice control processor, from Texas instruments (TI), costs around $4-5. Lam, points out that MOTOROLA by 8 structure, through a unique way of the combination of electronic components and software, make MotoX very save electricity.

in addition, the IHS data also show that in MotoX $209 cost of materials, component costs about $43 from qualcomm, accounted for more than 20%.

Moto X other spare parts providers include Omnivision (provides a camera component), Skyworks (provides wireless chips), ST Microelectronics (provided the gyroscope and accelerometer), Wolfson Microelectronics (provides mobile phone microphone).

is another name of IHS iSuppli, this is a global leading to electronic manufacture in the field of industrial chain. The company by providing information, analysis, advice, and tools that help original equipment manufacturers, etc., to improve the product line, reduce the cost. ISuppli once disassembly and material cost estimates of equipment, mainly includes: Nokia, Samsung Galaxy S4, the mini and the Kindle Fire.

as a comparison, the samsung Galaxy S4 32 g version, the apple iPhone 5 16 g version of the cost of production (material + assembly) for $205.