Dismantling millet was fun: millet red meat like tang’s monk, who all want to eat a bite

(arsenic comments/article) millet recently a little tired, be youku potatoes prosecution of infringement, was charged with state infringement, one year later was called hunger marketing, however, is the truth?

youku tudou announce to prosecute millet is a fun as it can be a lot of people back. Youku potatoes while millet starting m 3 key nodes and TV to tell millet, the reason is that millet box on its content, such as infringement on demand, the old news today again was a portal “famous” editor, and saddened said millet into “scandal”.

“famous” edit experts Liang Zhenpeng interviews with home appliance, the latter believe that millet about box no liability as sophistry. Millet is box series product profit, since chose to bind content millet must choose legal content.


a bit over the heart, if I may ask Liang Zhenpeng think CCTV network is not legal? Since the industry have already know, millet box access iCNTV future integration of operation of China’s Internet TV broadcast platform, including all program acquisition and broadcast control system run by iCNTV television in the future. That is to say, content are all from iCNTV, millet box itself does not provide content, nor manage content.

what’s interesting is that CCTV was sued potatoes steal information “on the tip of the tongue of China”, “2012 London the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games” and so on copyright content, and appeals to the Shanghai minhang district people’s court, the court has the appeal request, this is a “famous” editor’s millet crisis.

but tudou and mango TV just by CCTV, prosecution, and state electronic also spoiled out of the infringement prosecution millet box. Words, if it weren’t for his prosecution is millet, I had almost forgotten the company. With state infringement prosecution is millet box technology, such as press menu button up a menu, well, this is with state patents. By the way, someone to apply for a patent to chew when you eat?

millet box can’t see yuan Ming wang chuan eyes, everyone is aware of, out of politeness, wang chuan again on weibo to reply the yuan Ming: “yuan Ming, chairman of too romantic! Millet will reference we do with the design of the state, is the starting point is a little lower? Millet box I do just want to give the user a little easy to use and useful products, unexpectedly became today’s flesh, everyone wants to wipe a oil.”

review a similarly hereinafter chau electronic behavior many times this year, it is hard not to think the yuan Ming is in romantic. Earlier this year, with the state of an electronic director “rice” to hit a farce, a conference just yuan Ming, after the event participants bolt admitted is affected by electronic employment with state. With chau electronics continue to the next day, smashed the stores photos on weibo, but by netizens exposed the photo is 2 years ago to a crime scene, millet employees “crazy” Yang reply to this matter is still very simply: disinformation dead family.

let little more arsenic almost spit leeks and eggs is, according to a Beijing newspaper reporter fact: with the state to the media reporters, in a press release will be written in the booth, “yuan”, “everyone else is being called, fear can’t accept it. This is the first initiative to profess, true have never seen such a shameless.”

of course, a new start, both apple and millet are not much, it makes a lot of people anger, can understand. But fun to ridicule, but after a year full of discrimination and others to scold millet is hunger marketing and futures, it is to let a person fear thoughts, only the low IQ.

hunger marketing means, stock pressure not to sell, but what does it mean? Equivalent to sell after salvaged for seafood, wu smelly again take out to sell, are you stupid or I’m stupid? If because there are many people buy cause not everyone can buy, it can call hungry marketing?

a millet mobile phone costs 2000 yuan, 500000 is 500000 yuan, hit in your hands, you stand? Whose cash flows have such power? Refer to lei jun to disclose the information from the public, millet mobile phone delivery cycle is three to four months. That is to say, on a mobile phone manufacturing good, four months before the payment for goods payment to supplier. In order to alleviate the pressure of the money, goods circulation, the faster the better.

but this time the upgrade, and even said millet fraud. I don’t want to is the whole heart to ask them what psychology, 100000 starting number, for any one vendor (samsung except the large) is a normal starting. In terms of millet reservation number, it is necessary? Red rice on the third-party platform, more than 7 million people data reservation forget so quickly? It is 100000 units, more than 600 ten thousand people not to buy, how no one to scold QQ space?

small arsenic remember a friend said: “man, always assume that other men impotence.”

if for no other, millet you too red, tang’s monk monsters like to eat meat.

excerpts from a lei jun from millet in millet in the blog:

“I don’t know since when, Internet social media part space, public opinion seems to be a fun millet” politically correct “: open on weekends to buy, is an office worker fun; Working days open purchase, by students ridicule; Appointment booking, was soon to 3 months later, hurriedly put a stop to, is fun; Open to buy a week, get snapped up with fun; In June to balance capacity and demand need not robbed, had been poking fun at not sell; Depreciate sales promotion in July, there is growing demand for, and been poking fun at not rob; Anti key light, have been poking fun at night; Can’t find no button lights, have been poking fun at night; Run points first, was poking fun at the party; we are parameters Another new phone run points up a year later, poking fun at our performance high enough again…

if teasing can make him feel life becomes better, let it go. Everyone always teasing me, I today also vomit a slot, laughing and calculate. Still has a lot of work to do, after all, can let you use better products, still maintain a high cost performance, but also continue to increase production capacity… These fun alone could not be achieved.

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