Disappearance of a PPT: millet and qualcomm of the cold war

millet 3 conference, there are a lot of lively, such as looking like the appearance of the company, such as the scene, and the price is selling tickets, high-priced acquisition of red rice yellow cattle, or before joining the new Google vice President Hugo barak. Lively behind, majority of people seem to forget that this is the first time millet is not the latest CPU in China starting qualcomm, and also not released qualcomm Xiao millet millet 3 release time dragon 800 version. Xiao dragon 800 this time stood up, lei jun is behind the move risks.

a disappearing PPT

this time last year, lei jun to qualcomm APQ8064 with the slogan of “monster” performance, vice President of qualcomm wang also personally came to power for millet 2 endorsed, lei jun three times in the whole conference thanks to qualcomm and other suppliers. Qualcomm don’t know where to go this year, lei jun is still smiling spring breeze, nearby of friend became nvidia CEO jen-hsun huang. Although millet 3 unicom and telecom version will still use Xiao dragon 800, but only mentioned in sale scheme using Tegra3 mobile version will be listed in October. Is a very worth pondering, millet, website published conference PPT introduced huang deficiency alone this one.

qualcomm’s fall from grace is not of a sudden, millet and nvidia flirting with at least can be traced back to last year. Lei jun in past Internet conference, red rice cell phone the first prototype of H1 has adopted Tegra3 processor (before the media misrepresentation is MT6577), because of the compatibility between beautiful MIUI and can’t solve the problem, lei jun was forced to abandon the production of 300000 machines, to work with MTK, so just have this version of red rice now.

prototypes and MTK is qualcomm’s arch-rival, vice President of qualcomm Shen Jin very unhappy. In an interview in May, Shen Jin to lei jun every song words: “are we at that point in time the best chip, believe millet can make the right choice”. Millet 3 this year conference Shen Jin sent only two posts, just said don’t talk about mobile phone TV and faint voice also, and in stark contrast to assist the hard last year. And in May after the media propaganda, Shen Jin and lei jun on weibo no interaction.

millet and qualcomm mutual use

millet, qualcomm investment value is the demonstration effect on domestic manufacturers, suppress the MTK weaker domestic manufacturers and technical strength. At the end of last year, domestic firms cluster flagship machine with qualcomm APQ8064 processor by the impact of high-end, millet. Millet also use qualcomm “the world’s largest” and “domestic first” aura, plus for his claim to be “USES the international top-level components” everywhere. With MTK to compete for the low-end market, qualcomm introduced QRD low-end phones reference platform, the main 8225 q quad-core processors. Why red rice don’t consider qualcomm?

qualcomm, after all, is the international giant low-end processors prices come down, stunt also not enough. MTK 6589 t 1.5 GHz processor quad-core enough to scare consumers, the performance is slightly better. Technical threshold is lower and MTK, short development cycle, has wasted half a year in the prototypes of lei jun is not willing to with qualcomm takes any longer. At the same time, also don’t forget to use MTK MTK than millet to sell, once beautiful MIUI on red rice adapter, can be transplanted to all MTK phone, plunder entrance for lei jun in the department of Internet product. Red rice before and after the release, in view of the MTK version of beautiful MIUI blowout on the Internet, what is the source of self-evident.

3 USES Tegra4, besides the millet since CES released more than half a year later, in addition to the nvidia their tablets and game consoles, no mainstream manufacturers are willing to follow up, it is said that because the A15 frame power consumption is too scary. Millet is willing to take the hot potato, huang must offer preferential conditions difficult to refuse. Instead qualcomm Xiao dragon has become a global flagship standard 800, capacity, much less a millet bargaining.

parents cold war injuries are children

although lei jun play applauded loudly to plans, but for cheap MTK and prototypes to offend qualcomm is risky. Tegra4 power consumption problems already mentioned, there’s a compatibility problem. Prototypes and beautiful MIUI integration problems have erupted on red rice, and the press reports, August 16, millet conference be postponed until September 5, but also for the same problem. Previous generations of millet mobile phone, has also been accused of fever serious frequent restart, again use prototypes, true for lei jun worrying.

there is a problem is 4 g LTE – had to be taken into account. Qualcomm too strong technical reserves, rather than pay higher royalties own r&d than some qualcomm finished product. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Note3 were used on LTE version qualcomm CPU, apple also comes from qualcomm baseband chips. Not to mention samsung apple still such, millet, HTC One X last year due to the use of Tegra3 does not support LTE, forced One XL with qualcomm processor by the remedy. 4 in the second half of the 4 g licensing, millet and millet 3 modified to take into account the issue of LTE. If falling out with qualcomm, when the time comes from nvidia save all the money in the teeth, I’m afraid not enough qualcomm bite back.

lei jun some media called small various ge, its style also like kongming very cautious, it from his investment maxim “investment for people first, not cooked” can see out. So he did not and qualcomm falling out, as usual, announced that China unicom and telecom version of millet 3 USES Xiao dragon 800, not to publish the listed time also gave both sides a enough time to game. However for unicom and telecom rice noodles means more long wait, if there is no F code or the right of first refusal, millet 3 this year it has nothing to do with you.


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