Direct access to the Internet via satellite? Google and throw O3b satellite network company is to turn this dream into reality

overview: satellite Internet service providers ( O3b to satellite communications start-up Kymeta to jointly develop a metamaterial based not mechanical self-directing satellite antenna. This kind of antenna will make O3b satellite broadband access to mobile devices, further implement the O3b and Google will be more people connect to the network world .

O3b Network and throw a satellite communication company. The first time this summer have 4 broadband satellite into earth orbit in the success, the current O3b is start customer service agreement. From somalia to Micronesia between large, Atlantic region of Africa are within the satellite coverage, local Internet service provider has agreed in the 2014 years after the satellite was put into use, will buy certain data space. These agreements also makes O3b to think about with the Internet service providers to access networks.

Redmond , Wash to cast of satellite communications and start-ups Kymeta is O development partners can guide terminal. Can guide terminal is mainly based on the concept of super materials can be automatically at the satellite antenna. Through manipulation of the surrounding electromagnetic wave synthetic material will be able to achieve this purpose. Kymeta the original owner of Intellectual Venture (Intellectual) also claim that metamaterials can be used to make invisibility devices.

two companies is expected to 2014 years to launch its first electronic navigation model of antenna, but the two sides did not disclose details about cooperation by equipment or terminal information. But the author bold speculation, the future smart phone or satellite signals will be connected, rather than focusing on the cellular network.

Kymeta the tread is not small. The antenna device is used to connect to the ship, bus, plane, etc. While Kymeta is mining the possibility of a portable antenna terminal, its research results or for notebook size, can be involved in mobile phone, tablet, computer devices such as mobile terminal antenna.

anyway, compared with the traditional mechanical disc type satellite signal receiver, and orientation of the antenna fixed reception mode, portable reception will be a big change. O3b most major clients are using WiMAX and wireless broadband technology of wireless Internet service providers. The service provider to provide broadband access and to O3b as a return line. High efficiency and low cost does not include mechanical components of the antenna will become an ideal tool for user access network is directly, at the same time also can very easily when the user changes position with broadband link.


2008 years for the first time after he O3b, Google keep low-key. But the purpose of the search giant has not hide it. Google show is hope with the help of a new technology to people all over the world because of various reasons can’t surf the Internet into the Internet world. Google white space” broadband network ( White Space ) activity. At the same time its ambitious, even some crazy Loon , will also through the balloon, the clod in the stratosphere establish “ wireless broadband network.

Google aspects, said the satellite project will be a part of its vast network plan. Thus O3b with Google’s goal is highly consistent. O3b means “Other 3 billion-plus” is represents the “connect” that are 3 billion users on the Internet.