Ding shirtless netease can cloud music corner overtaking?

netease 2 on 23 day, that is, 2 hours ago, held in Beijing the “netease cloud music” formal conference, big push into mobile music field. Ding personally keynote speech, music industry giants in the platform. With millions of genuine library and the application of seiko spy, netease this late for mobile music players, the success of overtaking, implementation, ding said “the first community music dream”?

netease cloud music advantage:

a, seiko spy applications

my cell phone is full of all kinds of music: tencent, baidu music, music, watercress radio, dried shrimp services … After comparison, it must be admitted that netease cloud music is one of the most beautiful interface, the best user experience.

netease cloud music using the class Path page style, realized the ios and android two different styles of the unity of the platform application interface style.

playlists and “people” as the core of the design concept of “social” application, just grab me such user requirements: with the most convenient way to find good song new songs.

2, huge copyrighted music resources

netease cloud music conference, almost all the mainstream music publishers to the platform. Netease million song music library, all are legitimate resources, no copyright issues. Songs can be used as compared to the same is a collection of (single) and social sharing of dried shrimp music, because of mechanism allows users to upload songs, copyright problems for a long time.

three, netease strategic level support

ding saying he is a fan. From childhood began to “eavesdrop on Taiwan pop joytv”, cassettes, CD are monkeying around. “In addition to rock and roll” hear anything, now every day to listen to two to three hours of music. But netease cloud music is personally project launched by his own products, a large number of applications is because feel now can’t meet the requirements of users “is convenient to find a good song”.

according to fact, netease is going to burn two billion on netease cloud music. Netease has huge cash reserves, wants to burn money, that no one block.

ding shirtless, even in netease cloud music registered the account name is “ding”, add V certificate.

4, celebrity marketing ideas, import SNS and the mobile phone address book

netease cloud music directly to imitate the sina weibo early promotion ideas: from celebrities, add V certificate.

invite famous the DJ and the singer’s presence, selected playlists by them, for the user to choose from. With celebrity + single way of pushing the basis functions. Netease cloud music at the same time you can import contacts, sina weibo contacts, tencent weibo contacts, netease pass to log in. The a social give priority to dozen of application, in the case of too little early users, by importing the other social relations, social service to give users a preliminary “belonging”, is a clever marketing ideas.

but by more than four o ‘clock, netease is really able to bend overtaking, made “the music first community”?

as its advantages, its disadvantages is also very distinctive:

a, too late, too late!

netease, you really came late. In the traditional Internet, whether do the client, or website, baidu, tencent and other companies have amassed sufficient advantage. If from apple iPhone to calculate, mobile Internet applications also have fast 6 in the story. All kinds of music application has accumulated enough first-mover advantage. Netease had gone? Only now?? 2012 , , 2013 in the end of April to release…

but it is also in line with the ding has always been “don’t see the rabbit and the eagle” personal style. Waiting for you when he saw a rabbit, however, others have begun to bake rabbit rabbit meat meal.

official netease said netease cloud music has users there are hundreds of thousands of scale. Ding himself shirtless registered account, and within the application home page recommendation, only a few hours ago 125 a follower. Now after the conference to 462 a. the figures, ha ha.

2, only on mobile, enough?

netease cloud music only mobile applications at present, and only support ios and android platform. the version? WP version? PC version? Are being developed.

conference, cloud music director wang lei also mentioned that “more screen a cloud”. But now the movement speed is not fast enough. It is late, still not quick run, how to pass?

three, burning two million? Can burn enough users?

netease is a lack of platform level products of the company. Tencent has , can be seamlessly into many products directly. Baidu search entry control, 360 there are safety products in PC and huge installed base on the phone. Netease have? There is no good in mobile applications store entrance, the PC only email and portal. Personal E-mail business and also QQ Mail entanglements , the portal flow even phoenix new media. What to promote their own applications, netease is a biggest problem. Even if the burn, burn low cost effectiveness than the others. Netease cloud music is still need to rely on the import of sina weibo and tencent weibo SNS user relationship chain, its dilemma.

4, competitors without a nap

music application on his mobile phone has become a mohican. Tencent, baidu will input. Music is also alibaba in the shrimp. All competitors are staring at this piece, netease cloud music is very good, but opponents it is entirely possible that the excellence of the “melting” into their products. Here is China.

of course, we don’t have to prospects of netease cloud music too pessimistic. After all, this is a good product can review the five-star. Have a good product, coupled with enough resources, over time, natural access to a certain amount of users. Maybe netease cloud music come back hard to bend, but it stirred this pool and the digital music market.