Ding layout digital music market Netease cloud music market

on April 23, netease was held in Beijing in order to “new found heart feeling” as the theme of the product launch, netease company founder and CEO ding officially released to the world level strategic move of new product, netease cloud music, netease announced formally enter the field of digital music.

netease said netease cloud music directly to the mobile Internet development, the goal is to become China’s largest mobile music community and open platform, forming a user-centered music ecosystem.

“netease cloud music realized my music dream for more than ten years, this is a disruptive new products, is also cool and fun music application!” Ding said. At the same time, ding announced at a conference in netease cloud music to name his personal account, invite China hundreds of millions of mobile phone users with him “find good music, sharing good music. Universal, warner, SONY, gold medal winds, and the Rolling Stones and so on five big record officials attended the launching ceremony, ye pei, Chen chusheng, Jeffrey, the singers such as michelle also were invited to attend.

netease cloud music main four big functions

netease cloud music is netease’s first mobile music products, its Beta in January 24 in the App Store profile online. On April 22, netease cloud music officially updated iOS1.3 version and Android version 1.2. Compared to other music products on the market, netease cloud music title song has recommended, social, big, the music fingerprint technology and so on four big core functions, create a unique mechanism of “social discovery and sharing”.

netease cloud music was the first completely with playlists created by the user as the basic clue, the music from singles and albums into playlists music application products of The Times. Users can create, collect, share, according to his be fond of the playlist. Original social function is one of the features of netease cloud music, the user can import the original mobile phone address book, or social relations with the aid of netease LBS cloud music itself functions to build music circle. In the community, users have their own home page, you can focus on each other, share music, dynamic real-time rendering in the community of users.

netease cloud music also created the big DJS, musicians to join in domestic exclusive homemade program, famous singer sun nan, Chen chusheng, yu quan, Jeffrey, michelle, beautiful scenery, the senior DJ to, wang Liu Lingtao, li qing, etc are in netease cloud music. In addition, netease cloud music also has the industry’s leading music fingerprint technology, through to listen to music melody, help users find songs more interesting and more accurately.

ding: change the mobile Internet era of digital music industry PC products and patterns will be out of date

ding believed that the mobile Internet is a new opportunity of the music industry, mobile, cloud services and social characteristics, makes the spread of digital music, experience, and consumption way revolutionary change quickly. Smartphones will become the main way for music, music experience in mobile applications. Cloud computing technology gradually mature also creates new forms, users can more easily get high quality song from “the cloud”. Mobile Internet era of social attribute and social attribute of the music also realize confluence, without interaction, not music.

as a result, based on the PC era products and operation mode will be out of date. Currently on the market most music products still stays in the era of player tool, do not have a mobile application characteristics, lack of user interaction, is provided by the homogeneity, low quality, the content of the user experience is not valued. Consumers and the market need a new platform for digital music.

netease cloud music create “mobile music community”

netease cloud music directly to the mobile Internet development, from the beginning to apply music into focus on the mobile end of leaders. Netease cloud music terminal will be gradually extended to Pad, Web pages and PC client, implementation of the “screen” more than a cloud. Through a variety of unique social function, netease cloud music will also be aimed at fans, the interaction between friends, build up the relationship between the user network and social ecosystem.

the netease ding cloud music as a “mobile music community” of the new form. It is a product of the era of mobile Internet, surrounding the discovery of music and sharing, is characterized by the user’s social interaction, you can customize your own music world, set up personal circle. Netease said this is a new music society and way of life, interactive, personalization, original, return the music to the user.

“netease cloud music’s goal is to become China’s largest mobile music community and open platform, forming a unique user-centered music ecosystem. If the iPhone redefined the mobile phone, hope netease cloud music, in the form of social discovery and sharing to redefine the music experience, for the user to create new music life, our vision is to promote Chinese music aesthetics.” Ding said enthusiastically.

netease cloud music release was welcomed by the record company, warner music’s general manager Mr Hu Yi friend said: “the launch of netease cloud music brought fresh for industry strength and different user experience. China’s digital music industry prospect, we will continue to and netease cloud music hand in hand, together to explore the development mode of China’s digital music, to promote the prosperity of digital music market.”