Developers eyes baidu 91 takeover joy is greater than sorrow

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

finally stepped in baidu in the mobile Internet, and generous. I bought $1.9 billion wholly owned high leverage step, 91 wireless shares, the transaction happen in baidu, indeed see the screens of the mobile Internet determination and attitude. For this purchase, developers should use what attitude about this deal?

before analysis, under the replacement first domestic mobile application development environment and the status quo. Mobile application development is a helpless painful business, earn money very few, because the market, mobile Internet itself despite the size of the user, and flow, but in the business model, make money basically only the field of mobile games, but rush to the game, also is not ordinary developers a bowl of food.

a very popular event recently, a good doctor of operating personnel to share the experience of the Native APP, the application developers caused a big discussion in groups. In the era of APP and blindly follow, good doctor online for more than a year, the installation quantity is very big, but the actual PV and flow, the user activity is very gloomy. Good doctor, one is indeed reflect a myth or status quo of application development; The second is the combination of baidu + 91, good doctor APP operation mode is across the two lines.

depending on the big players will strengthen

on mobile application development made simple introduction, I from the perspective of developers analyze the baidu to buy 91 wireless brought about by the shock wave.

buy 91 wireless, baidu is actually bought an entry, or an APP distribution channel, also is the key link, which is connected with the user, this store mode currently installed in a new mobile application promotion, and distribution, still occupy the important position, estimates that more than 80%. This is why 360 desperately do assistant.

for developers, the entrance to the store critical resources, have there, don’t open. Now look at BAT bigwigs, around the mobile Internet is playing with ecological construction, open platform of thought is consistent, gathered the developer resources, none is almost in the effort to do. 91 this is now a “bait”.

in addition to search, the APP store, baidu to developers in the field of wireless card also many, such as the middle page, application, market, browser, input method, cloud storage, and other products, each block to perfect the ecological value, developers. Ming-yuan li as mobile cloud division general manager and since this has a lot to do with strategic layout, to the carding and positioning, pay more attention to support for developers.

baidu now put 91 into her arms, the increasing in the developers eyes temptation and value. In one hand baidu mobile search, mobile ranked second in the field of application, the utilization rate of close to 70%, in one hand and put 91 of such a Native APP distribution channel bosom, two ACES, is almost things developers are hard to refuse. Therefore, also further for li Ming in the global mobile Internet conference in building the mobile Internet ecosystem power, on the double insurance, clutched the mobile Internet access. From the point of view of the strategic defense of attracting developers, developers can firmly control resources, and to give rivals, too.

baidu’s successful and mobile cloud through

to buy a lot of people are talking about the strategy, entrance, tickets, all of these are far away from the developers. Baidu married 91 wireless, obviously and more profound consideration, not just on the strategic screens, shares of excitement.

in fact, baidu this year or two in the mobile Internet strategy, the essence of the difference with other rivals, it is for developers to build an application of industrial ecology. Baidu had three games conference this year, baidu developers conference, baidu world conference, baidu union summit, a common feature is the mobile cloud is frequently mentioned a domain, what’s the purpose? Namely wants to unite around the developers.

the development tools, platform, basic ability of the cloud resource and cloud on the support of baidu almost all resources are leaning to the field.

in development, test, link, baidu mobile cloud is not missing, and even have stronger ability of cloud support. Before buying 91 assistant, web app distribution depend on baidu’s own mobile, native app rely on rookie phone baidu assistant; The next in 91 clearly will join to this link. Baidu hi at the same time provide media cloud, cloud push technology, such as solution, these products make up a more comprehensive ecological developers. Of course, these are all ming-yuan li at the helm of the mobile cloud division results of more than a year.

I still use some data to illustrate good doctor online, because is too classic, is also very good to reflect the importance of applied ecology. Good doctor cut Native APP importance, stress Webapp channels, and the results with the help of baidu Site APP services, rapid transcoding, in small cases, received the flow of daily average of 3 million. This explains the importance of ecology, and the ability to baidu’s ecology. Application developers, such as a good doctor is willing to pay for traffic, resources and services. Baidu produced by ecological commercial interests, is practicable.

in the future will be more open, search in the application is bigger?


the mobile Internet is a rapidly changing business, nobody can guarantee five years what would change form. APP application development the routines, has also has some disadvantages, such as Native island effect, the information and data in the APP is dark box, almost is hard to dig and utilize, but APP user activity is very high, which has led to a lot of problems. Search in the application is baidu last year proposed a technical direction, although the technology is still immature, but proved to be feasible and valuable.

how to achieve that? From the dimension of development, as long as able to control the mobile application development of ecology, through the way of open apis, applications can be implemented in search. But there is a premise, that is, to have enough developers, ecological large enough, the coverage broad enough, this is a complete application in the search form, or is only a partial search, is meaningless. 91 assistants, such as the android market application development, distribution channels, and can help baidu to do big the scale, promoting the strategy of the ground.

so, this is the extension of acquisition bring value, it is not easy to be seen from the outside. Can solve the problems of the application in the search, can extend out of the new pattern and value, as well as with baidu search model for docking, keep the search pattern innovation, and the mobile domain migration. If baidu can earn money, apparently also can feedback to the developers, so that these “tricks”, “successful” for developers is also a positive impact.

of course, also there is worrying, because Internet BAT pattern established, mobile Internet is as more rapid integration and purchase action, complete a centralized movement, even will be firmly locked in two to three big player’s hands, once so, it would be an unfair platform environment, for small developers, status will be more weakened, easy to lose the ability of bargaining. Of course this is a dynamic process, depends on the eye of baidu, and the course of the future market pattern.