Deutsche telekom against Google cloud notes application company alliance

Beijing time on March 25, cloud computing application notes the company wants to be everywhere, with the startup of Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche supporting) reached a cooperation, will offer the latter 59 million users free of charge service a year.

this cooperation has staged a year, and on both sides have reached a cooperation formally a week ago, Google has just announced a German telecommunications users provide one-year free trial service cloud notes, and said that these users would therefore like to pay version of the service, is willing to continue to pay for it after the free trial. Compared with the free version, the version will provide the more upload limit, search speed faster, notes sharing, offline check the notes and other features.

according to the company’s chief executive, Phil Libin (Phil Libin), according to the company about 98% of revenue comes from the hand to upgrade to charge users of the service, the service fee standards for $45 a year or $5 per month. The company said, the company annual revenue growth rate as high as 250%.

libin declined to give details of cooperation between telecom, with Germany said the carrier will not pay to the company which are usually only to charge a full cost of each user. “We are not earn revenue from deutsche telekom, but frankly, it is not the things which we are interested in, we are interested in long-term cooperation.” Libin said. He added that the company has been working with operators to achieve similar home of other countries, consumer behaviour has to follow a pattern. “Those who began using the premium service users is likely to continue to pay after expiry of the free trial.” He said.

libin said, continue to choose to use a paid service users at the end of the day will also buy more tablets and smartphones, the reason is that their information is stored in the cloud, no longer has dependencies to the equipment. “In two to three years later, they will become the user can bring us huge profits.” He said.

already and streaming music service provider in the company and the security company to reach a similar agreement Lookout for deutsche telekom, this also represents a chance of cooperation, make its can and the wisdom of the rapid growth should use ecosystem into income. Inside the deutsche telekom, the operator’s senior vice President of business development, sea-based markey, javey (Heikki Makijarvi) specifically for this kind of income even took a name, called “Smart ARPU (average revenue per user).

horse javey said, as the voice and data ARPU (average revenue per user), the growth of deutsche telekom is increasingly focusing on into from the intelligent application of income. “Smart average revenue per user is what we showed great interest. When a user () after the free trial over want access to the company after the service from us, we can get revenue sharing.” He said.

markey javey declined to deutsche telekom into income details, also did not say deutsche telekom 37 million mobile users and is expected to more than 2200 fixed-line users how many free services will use the company signed a contract.

the company was established in 2008, the headquarters is located in the California Redwood City in western cities (Redwood City), is currently a total of 285 employees of the company, to raise the risk of total investment has reached $251 million, but only $151 million has been used to the company’s business operations. Unused funds is the company through the second round of funding round, early existing shareholders, employees and fund management companies t. Rowe Price and other new investors invested in this round, thus reduce the company IPO (initial public offering) financing pressure.

before, 29% of the company the user is the user, 20% are Japanese users, the users from around the world. Strategic point of view from the company, the company with the German Telecom reached cooperation and the former is by with Orange, DoCoMo, Japan Telecom company (Japan Telecom) and south Korea Telecom (Chesapeake Telecom) reached a cooperation, is a way to the company to expand the international market, this makes the need for marketing related investment. Libin, said the company did not seek mobile operators reached a similar cooperation with the United States.

in addition to the company, Springpad and Catch startup cloud notes provide similar services. Google recently launched Keep covet the market.

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