“Depth” in the next decade, Android and iOS will be how to develop?

today is an era of iOS and Android constantly expanding. They are uncomfortable to terminal operating system, a single field but build up their powerful ecological system. Obviously, the progress of the operating system, and so did the including terminals, the application of the development of the whole chain. We are very curious, this huge ecological system in the future will become what appearance.

the following is a science and technology industry entrepreneurs, science and technology writer Steve Cheney for iOS and Android platform for the future direction of the judgment. Hunting cloud network compiled, share with you (do not represent cloud hunting agree with all its view) :

1. Android has reached its peak, iPhone5C (cheap version of the iPhone) will shake the world

although according to show that Android has nearly 80% market share. Is pointed out that the Android users in the United States fell slightly (decreased by 0.4% compared to the same). This may mean that Android will reach the peak potential, will slow decline in its future development. So at the same time, cheap version of the iPhone, will change the existing market structure.

“LTR” (translator note: Comscore, a global Internet information service provider, is a famous American Internet statistics, Internet traffic tracking analysis and market research company. , according to the latest data released by the United States is about 142 million, the number of smartphone users of Android users for 73.84 million people, accounted for 52%. And the number of smartphone users in the same period last month the United States is about 141 million, including Android users of 73.88 million people, accounting for more than 52.4%)

2. Into the mobile space, Android will in the next 10 years to become the most advantage of open source system

mobile Internet war revealed a trend of obvious platform. Android with the development in the field of mobile (for example, Internet, etc.), has become a development platform. At present based on Linux system accounts for the mainstream. But Android is big technology framework, compatibility with some bold attempt. A series from the operator’s mobile service, rich and diverse, the developer of the ecosystem, will make the Android over the next 10 years to become the most advantage of the open source system platform. For Google, however, may also have unimaginable consequences.

3. “Android + ARM” occupation of mobile equipment

for the mobile equipment (insert class equipment), the Android + ARM is a “good enough” choice, it will occupy most of the market share in the field of embedded system. Intel is getting such as game consoles and set-top boxes and other equipment need stronger computing performance products. The reason is very simple, Chromecast equipment cost is low to $20, Intel now can’t provide such a cheap solution. At the same time, apple will through the integration of vertical mobile devices (such as iTV and iWatch), make a profit.

4. Battery life will become the competition focus on mobile devices, apple has advantage in this

mobile device’s battery life remains to be strengthen, still need to further reduce the power consumption of hardware and software, that is to say, and apple will has an advantage with software and hardware integration and continuous optimization of multicore chips and iOS 7 software performance.

5. Mobile devices chip dispute: apple, samsung and qualcomm, mediatek world, Intel completely out

apple A6/A7, qualcomm Krait in order to compete (both depth customization), samsung is expected to further research and development based on ARM architecture. In addition qualcomm chip for improving performance and low energy consumption, the custom chip will become the main objects of other high-end OEM choice. Mediatek with integrated solutions, will occupy the above three, the low-end market. Broadcom, nvidia development space is limited, and Intel will be completely out of the mobile chip market.

6. Fragmentation problem will spread to the entire Android ecosystem

Android fragmentation problem will continue to exist, but in the future, it will rise to the ecosystem level, have an enormous effect on the whole Android. Apple, in contrast, by controlling the hardware and software, into a more closed ecological system. May to a certain extent, Android may, by way of OTA update control products such as Google glasses and Chromecast synchronicity, but the fragmentation will for Android smartphone web services more and more adverse impact.

7. 7 local network application is superior to the iOS Android

7 launched iBeacon iOS, AirDrop local network API originally aimed at the U.S. market and parts of Europe, and Japan), and two years backwards compatibility (that is compatible with the iPhone 4 s mobile phone above) – that is to say, when 95% of apple users can share files with each other by the AirDrop, and through the bluetooth/iBeacon for payment. At the same time, the Android ecosystem fragmentation serious popularization, the new system is slow, lead to developers are reluctant to build for business in the Android terminal equipment (BTE) and WiFi sharing network/payment services, Google Play in some secondary market application compatibility is particularly bad. Although the Android 4.3 added support for bluetooth low power consumption, but because only about 30% of the equipment will run the new system in a year, so its popularity than the iOS lag in the user for a year or two.

8. NFC no future

with the popularity of bluetooth and WiFi 4.0, NFC will no longer be the focus of mobile devices. IOS via bluetooth and Wifi iBeacon applications will lower electricity technology, provides the excellent experience of transfer and payment.

9. Fragmentation will hinder the development of the Android platform to share and payment application

fragmentation is another huge influence, to some extent, it will hinder the development of the Android platform to share and payment application. For on the individual, the harm is not obvious, but when users find their Android cannot or POS terminal to communicate with others, of the seriousness of the problem is exposed. Is the typical one is the fact that, even if the Android 4.3 has already started to support bluetooth, low electricity but hard to fit for application developers, because the market at present the mainstream models in a short period of time can’t upgrade 4.3 (after 1 year, 4.3 market share could be well over 30%). The fragmentation of the potential crisis, but also lies in the blow of developer motivation. In the long run, there will be no more developers to develop native applications for the Android. For example, has raised $3 million tiles will not support Android system.

“LTR” (translator note: Tile is a technology based on local devices, users will be placed in easy to lose goods, once the item is missing, the user can through the mobile phone in the related application, find their own goods)

10. Local business will flourish in the coming years

in the next few years, the local business could usher in a new development opportunity. Sharing and network services, as well as the native bluetooth API will build a new ecological system, and gave rise to new use cases. After dinner in the restaurant, for example, using a mobile phone with bluetooth to pay bills, get all kinds of coupons when shopping mall shopping. In this regard, mobile payment application Square because launched Square Wallet, undoubtedly become the pioneers, as latecomers, iOS7 is applied through a series of (iBeacon) become the standard setters of the ecological system. Android, by contrast, in the local business will lag behind 1-2 years.