Db Zheng Li: from 80 after the hero to the prisoner

【 introduction 】 recently met a friend who do business, he suddenly when it comes to 2010 blockbuster 80 entrepreneurial hero – after the original db founder Zheng Li is likely to be “out”.

Dark horse

I checked the news, in June 2010 when Zheng Li is hubei jingzhou district court of first instance sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 6 years, a fine of 500000 yuan. Think that he will out so fast.

db founder Zheng Li

this business friend, talk about the Zheng Li db network (formerly 163888) of the ups and downs, quite intriguing.

“163888 could rise, with UC has a great deal of credit for. UC (sina UC, 2004 sold to sina, combined into sina UC, sina UC now has video chat show mode, by the 9158 generation operation), founded in 2002, positioned as a voice performance platform.

just was in vogue network music at that time, there are many such music website – music lovers and planning, in the above can use some software to record, record the spread, through BBS to discuss. UC to find a lot of sites, moved to the UC, the whole room, every site has a room. They usually pull bullshit on BBS, and then ran to the UC roar together two voice voice chat room. The UC music atmosphere Around the special thick, many of them are original. 163888 users can rise, or relying on the UC.

db network’s predecessor, call 163888, because of chongqing, the beauty is more, Zheng Li was done or is larger. When there is a call blue website is done much, its owner called contestants, small, small light on the Internet, influence is very big, he later is fast of the top five male talent player.

the music web site, founded by some fans, mostly for fun. 163888 is the website of company operation early (June 2003), happened to be caught up in the digital music that a strong wave (by SP can be crazy to make money). Zheng Li to 163888, the thinking set, packing network musicians. He xiang xiang, chen-gang Yang, packaging “mice love rice”, in one fell swoop, quickly got the vc. (2005 Zheng Li in turn get IDG and alcatel two rounds of $8 million in investment).

network music the rapid decline in 2006 but the market – the myth shattered – Internet stir wonky, all record companies do not recognise this pattern. Zheng Li their days become very very difficult.

Zheng Li is 1982, he was shaping (get) after two rounds of financing for 80 representatives of entrepreneurship. This elder brothers expanded too far, then feel anything capable, finally also won’t listen to anybody. Team was very unhappy. Think one of the partners can’t dry, find Zheng Li took the money, 2006 have left the company. Another partner was later fired. Two partners left, then Zheng Li excesses, want to do anything (Zheng Li was established in June 18, 2007 db network fourth anniversary of heavy gold to buy the domain name fenbei.com, launched a new version), causing the company performance gradually decline, in 2007, db network have a little fast carry not to live.

when chongqing out a model, called video chat rooms, is actually a copy of the audio service model in Taiwan. That kind of pattern, Taiwan do very mature, formed a huge industrial chain. Taiwan to be quiet message service model is combined method. That kind of pattern is, I (reporter) take off a dress, how much money you give me, pornography. Chongqing people to learn the past, sneaking around, they don’t dare to do large-scale performances. Chongqing the people doing the feeling of what is the model? (user) registered to make money, make money after go in, you can top-up payment, or can’t see anything. So point in person, there is a demand, he must see. I spend some money, prepaid phone, you let I can’t see anything, it’s not possible.

(in decibels when network is tottering) Zheng Li attention to this matter, think company anyway also management is very difficult, it was said that the worst of time, the company had less than one million yuan in his account. Zheng LiJue custom make this.

actually pornography is rigid demand, it is easy to do, three months after the db net income to 5 million yuan. Db network for more than eighty girls at that time, the company into a compartment in the show. In pursuit of high revenue, only more so (later) are all naked chat, what tools and utensils. When Zheng Li found db become naked chat website, he wanted to have control.

because of the whole company, after a period of low tide for the development of the company (almost a:), suddenly revenue do 5 million per month, with a gift money to heaven. The company all taste, Zheng Li said not to, now exhausted. Moreover Zheng Li himself is not particularly strongly. Although he aware of the danger of this style, but has been control. Soon, this model made after six months, was (police) copied out.

this model, doomed from the start is such a result.”


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