David feng: “China’s Internet” three of the world

David feng (@ Fenng) was in its WeChat public account “gossip” share a story about “hackers”, the article’s legendary novel style, many people read it says “can’t believe that.

Fenng evaluation to this way: “question the person may not be ignorant, only things over their cognitive range. Three of China’s Internet world, the underground thing in the world, and the people on the ground forever don’t know what is going on.”

but about “China’s Internet” three of the world, Fenng also mentioned as early as in early 2012 the classification methods: “the Internet in China, there are three forms. Is a kind of drum of Internet media, aimed at the overseas IPO; Is a kind of grassroots Internet, low-key nuggets, tough as the raptors; The Internet is a kind of deep underground.”

this method, generally is reasonable, if corresponding to the actual case, the the first kind is belong to the “Internet” air, usually remain within the media field activities, has borrowed from the western mature business model, such as the well-known baidu taobao weibo, etc.

the second category is the “Internet” on the ground, with wide-spaced sampling grows out of the original product, grassroots and common characteristics, usually in hard to earn money, little media attention – too much media attention for them is not good, on behalf of 9158 (1 billion in annual sales of video dating site) and 5173 (China’s largest online trading platform game), wind rain forest (a fortune to pirated Windows, already washed white), etc.

the third kind “underground Internet” , although involves many shady, free at the end of the legal business, but it is not equivalent to a place outside the law. More often, in order to protect themselves or security requirements of the business, they will not take the initiative to let people find float to the surface of the above. However, in many cases, underground Internet are inadvertently directly or indirectly affects the living environment of ordinary Internet users, and even involved in making a few Internet world must also comply with the rules on the ground.