Data to prove: the mobile Internet across the globe

you should spend some time thinking about the problem. The mobile phone market, including hardware, software, app , services and infrastructure, has spread to every corner of the world. The emergence of the mobile phone makes our planet into the body, it makes all over the world, hundreds of millions of people have realized the real-time communication of the ideal. Refactor it our lives, changed our shopping, savings, entertainment, work, health and learning all aspects of lifestyle.

phone ubiquitous

in fact this is not the news already, many years ago we see mobile phone because of the huge potential. But if you calm down and carefully analyze those data published this year, so you will be surprised by the meaning behind the Numbers.

recently from the international telecommunication union ( ITU ) data reveals that the spread of mobile communications breathtaking ability. , nowadays, mobile phone penetration rate is equal to the global population. The highest speed of mobile phone users in developing countries is growing, its mobile phone penetration rate has reached the 89% .

in other words, when we almost everyone on the planet have or will have a cell phone.

Itu-t is

according to the report, mobile broadband users from 2007 years apple first released iPhone 2 $ to 2013 in 2 , the annual increasing rate is as high as the 40% .

although the developed countries is still the largest mobile broadband user groups, but in the 2010 years, mobile broadband application rapid growth in developing countries, including the growth rate of Africa to bug out 82% , the growth rate of Arab countries reached 55% .

costs are still important

for the global popularity of the mobile phone, the cost is still an obstacle, such as a data connection cost is very big still. The price of mobile phones and smartphones are significantly lower. Nokia released next month, for instance, sells only 99 $or less (no binding contract). Although the device initially only for 2 g network design, but the instruction on the Asha 501 blow is surprisingly powerful.

cheaper Android smartphones. In some developing countries, many Android phones price less than 100 $(not binding contracts). Vc by Bloomberg (Bloomberg), said he expects to appear to 50 $ Android smartphones.

but, for some developing countries, the cost of mobile broadband is extremely high. According to the ITU report, a program called “entry-level mobile broadband plan”, according to personal income in developed countries about in the 1% 2% will be used in the construction of the mobile Internet, and the average to each person in the developing world, the number is 11% 25% . at the same time, the cost of the construction of the mobile Internet is much cheaper than building cable Internet.

Mary Meeker’s prophecy


ITU number is enough to make you believe that mobile phones are to engulf the entire world, so we might as well look back again.

2012 at the end of the year, from kleiner perkins () analyst Mary meeker (queen, say the Internet has provided a data, are analyzed in detail the trend of global Internet and mobile phone staggering growth rate. But at that time, the report does not cause much attention. In the analysis report, she pointed out that global smartphone users have as many as 10 . In addition, since the 2010 in the fourth quarter, the sales of smart phones and tablets have been considerably more than PC machine, and the future of the new device will also have greater profit space. Nowadays, the global mobile devices 13% Internet market, and the proportion is growing.

if this number continues to grow, and in the short term will not harden, then the phone will be around every corner of the world, and will change every aspect of our lives.