Data: the iPhone users per capita income and the education situation is higher than the samsung

smart phones in the field of war, to some extent, is the competition of iOS and Android two camps. Apple and samsung mobile phone maker, has been the heated market competition. Although, some recent media have been bad-mouthing the iPhone’s market share, can come from investment market research company, a new study provides some interesting data.

in the past year, 20% of iPhone customers was Android buyers; 7% of samsung mobile phone buyers were iPhone users.

from July 2012 to June 2012, 42% of iPhone users to buy the new iPhone.

43% of samsung users around the world have used at least an Android mobile phone, but they have used is not necessarily the samsung mobile phone.

the function of the so-called machine user at the time of first choice smartphones, samsung (37%) of consumers brand appeal than apple (26%).

those who transform brand community (from a smart phone brand to another smartphone brand), transfer from samsung to apple mobile phone user percentage (33%) from apple to samsung proportion (11%), 3 times.

for HTC and Motorola user, they decided to replace other brand mobile phone, often prefer to choose samsung; For blackberry users, they prefer to choose the apple.

in addition, the survey also showed that iPhone users’ income and the education situation, higher than samsung mobile phone users. Is a little surprise, the average age of the iPhone users than samsung users.

it is understood that the object of the survey report is 500 consumers to buy mobile phones samples in three months. Survey time span to July 2012 to June 2013.