Dangdang promotion upsetting press 0 yuan ebook copyright sales model

after the wave of baidu library, the press and the dispute with dangdang network for digital copyright.

“if dangdang doesn’t give us a reasonable explanation, our next plans to Sue dangdang network infringement.” On July 4, the writer of publishing house of Chinese digital media co., LTD., vice general manager of bi yu said in Beijing. According to bi yu said they would also joint writers association and other press activities.

in fact, press the dissatisfaction comes from dangdang more than two months ago on ebooks a “0 yuan promotion” activity. Is now just stand up and say to condemn dangdang, bi yu said they also hesitate for a long time, because dangdang itself is already a press sales paper book one of the important channels.

for now almost don’t make money of e-books and dangdang “face”, press the need to balance. “Today there are more than one hundred publishing house, there will be only to a few.” Bi yu said, there are a lot of press is not willing to “offend” dangdang.

during the period of “world reading day” in April this year, dangdang launched a network of scholarly festival activities. From April 17 to April 19, dangdang network in the digital library ebook “full $0” for readers to download for three days. Ebook free for dangdang had brought a huge traffic and download, but let the traditional press heart of discontent.

“I know it’s first reaction is to dare not believe. Can’t believe the cooperation for 15 years companies make such a thing, despite partners.” Chinese writers publishing group management committee, deputy director of the writers publishing house President ge smile zheng said, dangdang before making a 0 yuan promotion has not obtained the consent of the copyright owners.

with the mode of traditional paper books bookstore do promotional discounts or even send a book, it is a bookstore. Never saw any press come out against because of the discount bookstore. “Because paper books is underwriting form, equivalent to the bookstore to buy the book in the past, whatever you again how to sell.” Bi yu said.

the ebook is widely adopted a fashionable, how much money is sold, again by sales platform and copyright owners according to certain proportion. Dangdang 0 yuan selling e-books, copyright owners are no income.

according to the writers publishing house in terms of statistics, dangdang 0 yuan promotion in April, Chinese stores of 887 e-books are all 0 yuan sales, not only some of the best seller, also includes such as mo yan’s masterpieces.

this, dangdang network marketing senior manager in the primary, on April 7, told reporters that “dangdang do this purpose, it is to cultivate the original electronic reading habits.” Because domestic market being copied with electronic reading, dangdang hope that through 0 yuan sales, allow the user to put the original book to use, experience the real advantage.

“in the process of execution, however, may be inappropriate to communicate.” In said, later after complaints from publishers, dangdang network all the books from the shelves.


but bi yu argues that dangdang has brought loss to press. According to reporter understanding, dangdang with copyright cooperation pattern basic are “no guaranteed + is divided into” way. Bi yu told reporters, as stipulated in the contract pricing e-books is need to the two sides agreed, especially the lowest pricing is determined by the copyright owners, dangdang 0 yuan books without the consent of the publisher.

Otherwise the relevant person in charge of a publishing house in

told reporters that the current ebook sales account for the press is less than 1% of overall income. The press also want to dig more value from electronic reading market.

although the purpose of the website and press are in order to do the ebook market is big, but on the specific implementation of the distribution of benefits from especially, seem to have a lot of work to do. As for dangdang offline step will continue to use this promotion, in meng said after negotiation is needed.


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