Dangdang brokeback marketing question Did not get a authorization to fiddle

the author: wen-ming Yang dragon horse

“than hand malicious, quickly, not afraid of much, just afraid of not rob, ebooks, full-court 0 yuan, only three days.” Announced on April 17, dangdang, except a few varieties, other e-books are free download. This “brokeback marketing” strategy to attract competitors jingdong mall, “who did not free? A good book you didn’t!” Soon, jingdong mall rushed online 50000 e-books for free download.

The wave of

not to communicate with all publishers in advance, for the writer submitted letter

two electricity “afraid”, let the reader smile. The call for “download free ebooks, spread on the Internet.

however, zero yuan book has stirred discontent partners. According to introducing, dangdang’s ebook sales and press, and the author divided by revenue settlement, once the free download hurt your partner’s income. According to media reports, fruit wheat culture, according to the writer feng has been submitted to dangdang lawyer letter.

although dangdang claimed that had some communication “and press”, but according to reporter understanding, dangdang network did not get the authorization of all press. People’s literature publishing house, director of the digital publishing and the ministry of science and technology, said zhao morning he are afterwards just know dangdang e-books downloaded for free, “though we sometimes will also participate in some promotional activities, but not all the books to participate in the” price war “, download e-books do not need to pay, we can hardly to the author.”

after the communication with dangdang, people’s literature publishing house about e-books have the shelves. “Dangdang also and we communicate the relevant compensation problem, then we will compensation and the author divided into in accordance with the agreement.” Zhao morning said.

information management department of Beijing university professor Li Changqing think, as an enterprise behavior, to promote attention understandable, but the key lies in the legitimacy of the sales promotion behavior. “Only to obtain the authorization of the Associated Press, protect the lawful rights and interests of related to the author, the effective coordination of the tripartite rights and interests of authors, publishing houses, electricity,” brokeback “.”


because “fat private” and “harm”, affect the cultural products output capacity

in fact, electricity “melee auction” is not the first time. And dangdang launched the “free download”, in the hundred nets President cheng in The Three Kingdoms point of view, is a short-term sales promotion behavior, mainly for the reader to preheat launched in May.

the survey data shows that only 9.4% of readers from reading a book will go to buy books. “Free download e-books, at a discount physical books, especially the harm of the publishing industry.” Ride in The Three Kingdoms that free ebook is bound to affect the sales of print books, thus affecting the publisher “output” ability, in the long run, but at the expense of their books electrical contractor himself.

it was reported that a lot of books of electricity low price and high discount, mainly through continuous press press, rather than by expanding the market. “Good cultural products need input costs, good writers need high fees. If the press repeatedly transfer profit space, there is no money to produce high-quality goods publications, in the long run, the reader can’t attend a good book.” Publishing house of Peking University marketing center director Du Huanqing are worried.

the personage inside course of study says, electricity marketing “brokeback” is for “fat” private “far”. “Is the key of the development of cultural industry to protect the creation, which must be achieved through protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the creator.” Li Changqing said, “in the current case, agreement of many authors and publishers to electronic publishing is not standard, the lack of relevant legal protection and market respect.”

“what we need is a high quality, the price is acceptable, there is competition rather than benign book market monopoly.” Li Changqing truth, “the arms of the electricity is off, not your arms, is the arm of the benign book market.”

source: People’s Daily online