Customer anger explodes the baidu customers on the mobile advertising

today cloud network reader Mr Zhang to cloud network hunting hunting, said baidu will be in a new advertising system forced customer advertising on the mobile end.

Mr Zhang in an interview with hunting cloud network mood very excited, he thinks that baidu shop QiKe, using industry monopoly trample the clients’ interests.

according to Mr. Zhang, he is informed, baidu’s customer service telephone said baidu to upgrade advertising system within this week, the upgraded advertising system will default on the mobile end customers. Baidu customer service said, mobile advertising will “preferential”, the price is only one 5 of the PC advertising.

Mr Zhang to hunt cloud network expressed dissatisfaction with baidu’s move.

a, baidu before make the decision, not to communicate with customers, and only one result notification. In the new advertising system, depriving the user choice, hard on advertising, belong to enforce.

2, even have users want to put in the baidu mobile advertising, baidu’s 20% price coefficient is calculated? Lack of adequate instructions, baidu is black-box.

Mr Zhang complained that “I’m in furniture business, consumers do not buy furniture, mobile phones for mobile advertising? We haven’t mobile web site.”

hunting cloud network that has been part of the e-commerce sites received baidu customer service the same phone.

Mr. Zhang said that in addition to complain to the baidu, ready to joint other electric business enterprise to resist force behavior of baidu.

as of the time, baidu official did not make any comment on this matter.