Curated Google withdraw from hardware market strategy, abandon the MOTOROLA?

a year ago, when I left the Google I/O, I think Google will change from now on, with confidence into the hardware market.

but when this year’s Google I/O curtain call, but I had deep questions about self-righteous conclusion to me.

Google conference this year and in previous years had the very big change. The entire assembly are saying Google provides a what kind of software developers, and developers can use these software what to do. Whether it has a wide electronic platform of Chrome and Android mobile phone system, or Google the interconnectivity, ubiquitous service, such as Google +, YouTube and Google Maps.

the retreat from hardware market

2012 Google I/O play the horn of Google to tap hardware market: the Nexus 7, Google glasses stunt team airborne conference site, of course, and the confused, full of mysterious, cut short the Nexus of Q.

throughout the forwarder will pass Google positive energy for us. We seem to see that Google is developing forward continuously advancing the field of industrial design, actively provide complete user experience: from hardware to software to run on it in the “service”!

although I said it is a strategic retreat, but we haven’t heard any news about Google hardware this year. Is Google, on the edge of a little by little bit blockbuster launch this year of Samsung Galaxy S4. The product inside the latest version of Android, and direct selling over the Internet. That’s all. Ever released Google Nexus series products, manufactured by others, but mark is Google brand.

even has been popular with the market popular Google glasses (facial wearing and networking) has also been Google snub, although appearances, but definitely not the point.

“fall into the pit, a gain in your wit”

perhaps lost the Nexus of Q (not officially cancelled, only by “delay”) to Google and larry page on the important lesson. And, of course, looking at let a person dying MOTOROLA for it, since “marry” Google last year, almost entirely be drained. To sum up, these failures are let Google deeply realize, want to quickly enter the hardware market how difficult it is.

recently on Google I/O, Google is also provided some of the so-called hardware for the participants. This Pixel is one of them. Is also a little sad, that isn’t really new things, because that stuff was released back in February.

this paragraph with Google Chrome OS this of Pixel, to provide users with the original ecological experience, its built-in Web browser has carefully designed the app. However, in the final analysis, it is just a design good laptop, a we are familiar with electronic products. Larry page whimsical as with revolutionary significance of Google products, actually far it all wrong.

I doubt that Google will withdraw from the hardware market further, and MOTOROLA is likely to the new wife “divorce”. Prior to this, of course, Google will also deprive it had Android core code and the patent right.

Google triumphantly, all the way in creating their own digital empire, it will never falter. For example, special order it for their data center server and converter, and developed it for Google maps travelers backpack camera and so on. We will be appreciated by Google some some hardware, such as Google x series of products, Google glasses, and Google driverless cars. but if not could really and Google’s core business, cutting-edge software and services together, Google will not spend huge effort in them.

I guess you will definitely against me. You may say, a smart phone? The tablet? There are those parts that are used for the living room? However, I would say that those are not the future of Google. As larry page points out, silicon as a raw material is getting more and more cheap, that how to make a huge amount of wealth from Google? By software products. Google hardware, is in the service of the software and hardware of the strategic retreat, also serves this purpose.

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