Cui jian success probability is higher than general manufacturers do cell phone?

the author: wang cong Ji

if you have money, then you can go to do mobile phones; If you are not only the rich and famous, you doing mobile phone is likely to be successful. On April 17, the domestic famous musicians cui jian announced its individual brand smartphone, product cost up to $3899. A question for the matter, everybody, think cui jian phone inevitable failure.

but is this really the case? We can see the cui jian how mobile phones across the brand influence, hardware partners and sales channels three threshold.


cui jian and his team obviously don’t understand the design and manufacturing, everything was about the hardware to a company called the valley of science and technology.

the valley is a typical domestic handset manufacturers, this kind of mobile phone maker, mostly living in shenzhen, but the valley is liaoning), in traditional cognition, such companies are collectively referred to as shanzhai phones factory.

these manufacturers products will depend on spectrum? Mobile phone industry practitioners said, from the production process and design level, compare the grade of the domestic mobile phone maker, has been with international standards. In the aspect of hardware manufacturers, domestic manufacturers is an expert in the hardware, statistics show that 70% of the global mobile phone from China, and 70% of China’s mobile phone from shenzhen.

but these companies tend to lack brand and sales channels, so the manufacturer is willing to cooperate with Internet companies, electric business, operators, now add a celebrity.

Channels of

phone produced, natural looking for channels to sell, cui jian found amazon mobile phones. Mobile phone industry insiders view is that electricity channel real handset product lower the threshold, because in the past, the only operator channels and mobile phone products retail channel two road, and this is no ordinary people can be chosen from two channels.

after the emergence of the electric business channel, the operators can not only choose jingdong, Tmall, cost of sales channels, amazon can even form a electric business platform (if you don’t have the corresponding technical accumulation, also can look for electricity generation operations team).

more importantly electricity channel to cui jian phone said goodbye to the new brands such as fortress gameplay: pipe sell regardless of repair, make a products in a brand. Through the electrical contractor to establish after-sales service system will give new players a chance to set up the brand image.

Influence on brand

with the products and channels, all that remains is to let others know your brand, and cui jian don’t lack most is the brand, this factor determines the cui jian mobile phones than the general manufacturers success rate is higher.

we can go to baidu cui jian the valley behind the mobile technology, the company last year launched its own brand mobile phone, but apparently no one noticed that the company and its products, until the valley found the cui jian. This represents a phone makers do brand’s biggest problem: lack of influence.

“shanzhai phones” negative value of the brand also imprisoned the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, the most typical is that mention “valley of the mobile phone”, people first reaction is to shanzhai makers of fake products, the best value of 1000; And replaced with “cui jian mobile phone”, will help people associated with the “shanzhai”, this cell phone can sell for 3899.

apparently, in the same quality, same price, under the condition of the same channel, who can let more customers know this brand, who would sell better. In this regard, cui jian phones account for advantage.

similar garment industry of today’s mobile phone industry Everyone’s spell brand

in the end, the hardware and channels to lower the threshold, the brand has become the most critical threshold. Compared to how to produce mobile phones and how to sell, how to let people know that you do the mobile phone become the key. But most of the domestic mobile phone brand failed to cross the threshold, the minimalist a example of this is more than one thousand domestic mobile phone brand, ordinary users can count up to at most a few dozen.

looking from this Angle, cui jian or other celebrities do phone first to solve the problem of the threshold of the highest brand awareness, to solve the relatively easy sales channels and hardware production, its successful probability is higher than the average mobile phone manufacturer instead.

in fact, the domestic mobile phone industry now is very similar to the apparel industry: the design and material threshold to be low, is a brand of clothing manufacturers to spell. Similarly, after the mobile hardware and sales channel threshold to reduce, handset makers are also more and more to the brand influence.

source: sohu IT