Ctrip: shy, chief executive of the back


the author: Wang Cai I

2013 , 4 on 25 day, afternoon, Beijing 798 “space” of the art center, ctrip’s New James liang accept media group to visit, this is he in the 2 on 11 day after regaining ctrip announced the media in public for the first time.

the content is “ctrip wireless 4.4 spring conference “, as the last link, the group’s visit to transferred to the small room. Under the great exhibition board, put a small round table, James liang and Jiang Hao (ctrip wireless division general manager) sitting on both sides, in the face of blouses sit more than 20 media.

like gossip, but sitting up seriously, James liang began the unsuspecting dialogue. The media showed great enthusiasm, problems one by one. James liang confesses that his return was due to “pressure”. Beam does not explain the “pressure”, but obviously, we all know that comes from the opponent’s “pressure”, whether it’s the old craft work or new friends where to network. Both, today is no longer simple, behind have binding power giant tencent elong behind, go behind is baidu.

James liang to this return as the “second venture”, more specifically, he said, referring to the strategy of “wireless” ctrip. Like other from PC Internet age into the era of mobile Internet companies, ctrip’s wireless strategy from 2010 years has been released, when beam is the at Stanford university study for a doctorate in economics), it represents nothing but old giant wake-up call and call for new era, but never mentioned the height of the like today.

a detail enough to see after the handover of James liang attaches great importance to this strategy. This is just the ctrip a version of the mobile terminal product upgrades, was upgraded to a grand press conference, and present, location from Shanghai to Beijing.

over the years, the media coverage of the eloquent ctrip, call center (call center) has long been criticized. It is known as “ctrip is a tradition of wearing the Internet company” one of the evidence, it is used for call center of human is numerous, plus the ground extension workers, cost, lead to ctrip too “heavy” to turn around.

but in this conference, James liang a distinctive point of view is that the competitiveness of the high quality of the call center is ctrip, especially after the wireless application combined with voice search. “The mobile phone business is the business can cover the computer and call center business, this is the trend of the future, we must walk in the front.”

leung said, whatever the form change, the root of the tourist service enterprises are excellent customer experience, and from the call center to ctrip phone the development path, the user experience is more and more convenient and integration. Even, beam and shallowly mentioned competitors. He said, in a PC , users going to a price-comparison easily, replace OTA (ota) is very easy, this is where, over the years taobao travel platform can impact ctrip business such as the main way, but in the APP , good product experience let customer loyalty is higher, especially wireless applications combined with voice search, high quality of call center and mobile phone after the preferential price, so that access to the user have very high viscosity.

ctrip also points out that information, the release of the spring edition (V4.4) ctrip wireless, the original has made a large number of leading voice query optimization, has been dedicated online travel industry. By voice can realize the man-machine dialogue, the user can quickly find the products you need, make booking process more convenient. New version made great improvement in the field of fuzzy voice search, especially strengthen the noiseproof part, closer to the nature of the man-machine intelligent interaction.

ctrip voice technology partners is hkust fly, James liang believes that voice services can reduce the financial burden of ctrip’s call center original quota. Based on the understanding of the quality of the user experience, beam and stressed that the call center services will smaller in proportion, not reduce on the absolute value. He took a new word to describe the ctrip in the change of the mobile Internet era — “thumb + cement “, and is no longer PC in the era of “the mouse + cement.

James liang sitting in a chair, try to answer questions like product manager, all of these, but obviously, some problems need to connect wireless Jiang Hao division general manager.

after the dismissal, discuss with a reporter, “James liang how old? Look less than 40 “, “ 69 years, and age “, “very modest, no aura, answering questions and even somewhat shy”.

yes, the shy come back. More often, he looks like a gentle scholar, he recently published population economics book “ the Chinese too much?” in dangdang acclaimed, before that, 1999 year, he also published a book called the rise of the network society “.

the scholars “is good at observation and thinking” can let the ctrip once again become a giant in the era of mobile Internet?

source: entrepreneur magazine