Ctrip layoffs follow-up: sales on the ground and telephone Marketing Department almost disappear

a person familiar with the to hunt cloud network revealed that, ctrip has recently again in the internal part of the job cuts, the adjusted sales and telephone marketing, the focus is on the ground reference in his words, even to the point of not “a”.

it is understood that the cuts are ctrip at the end of last year to make the strategic adjustment of the follow-up actions. As stipulated in the plan, ctrip will gradually turned its focus to online, so you must to cut the original offline sales channels. Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen are retained seven big airport, and through the other two or three line city airport, high-speed rail, the railway station, bus station on the ground all sales staff will be revoked, CaiYuanLiang about is expected to more than 500 people.

however, at that time, just as the first step, because offline sales team than the total of more than 500 people.

under the first to get to know ctrip’s internal problems. At the beginning of the company development, ctrip “mouse + cement” business model effect is obvious, and quickly became domestic OTA industry leader. But the “cement” pattern determines the development trend of offline business team, that is have to spell the manpower and material resources to pursue growth performance. So since the company is getting heavier and heavier. In where, elong, taobao travel before impact, disadvantages is increasingly protruding.

according to the ctrip in April 20 – F report submitted documents show that as of December 31, 2012, ctrip in the total staff of 19000, compared with an increase of 2900, 2011), among them, the call center staff 10900 people (compared to 2011, an increase of 1900), market and sales reached 2200 people (compared to an increase of 300, 2011).

although personnel number is increased, but the performance is a sharp downturn. Ctrip released 2012 annual report showed that in 2012 the company’s business income is 4.2 billion yuan, up 19% compared with 2011; Net income of 714 million yuan, slumped by 34% compared with 2011. Awkward is, in the four quarters of 2012, ctrip in the sharp decline in profits.

the reason, big but low margin offline business increasingly eroding profit margins, “slice” inside the company even happen (hunting cloud network note: cutting single refers to, the guest already through online service has booked ctrip, but offline sales staff in the pursuit of performance, or consideration, through the lobby makes the guest to cancel the original reservation online order and choose off-line). Was in such a case, the CEO Mr. Fan had to rethink their increasingly bloated system of company, he acknowledges that the ground than PC and cellphone online sales cost of sales revenue. And gradually began to adjust offline sales system. Subsequently, James liang after taking over as CEO resolutely carried out cut offline business strategy. Besides, he preferred “population economics”, are more likely to quantify the per capita income.

as a result, ctrip’s internal reform and more lay-offs adjustment also follow.

and the above mentioned the time downsizing, also can say ctrip ground sales team to adjust a new node. That was cut all sales and telephone Marketing Department on the ground, but he did not disclose the total affected employees.

if, in accordance with the business of selling at the end of 2012 a total of 1800 people to calculate (400 + 1800=2200), from the earlier this year to the new job now or in about 1000 people (figures released earlier this year, 500 people).

cloud network hunting about layoffs call ctrip insiders, adjust each other confirmed the company’s doing, that is already set a continuation of the adjustment transformation, but it did not disclose the specific circumstances, also did not disclose the layoffs.

the ctrip insiders revealed that after adjustment of the affected part of the employees have been transferred within the company, did not find a suitable job, the company also carried out in accordance with the corresponding policy compensation.

adjustment: next call center?

after James liang came to power, ctrip “mouse + cement” pattern has changed to “thumb + cement”, in order to better adapt to the development of mobile Internet strategy. The latest results revealed that the second quarter from the mobile order has occupied 20% of the total, the latest within a month, accounted for 40%.

according to the speed of development, the mobile terminal accounted for more than half even possible majority proportion. And this is bound to ctrip traditional “call center” form. Perhaps it was James liang next need to optimization problems, after all, the call center has more than half (53%), the total staff performance is proportional contribution did not.

fortunately, James liang seems to have realized this problem, and is on its way to explore.