Ctrip denied with tencent equity investment talks

on July 10, hunting cloud network evening news (editor: liu)

for this afternoon’s tencent seeking a stake in ctrip trade rumors, ctrip to hunt cloud network sends statement, deny the current negotiations with tencent to make a similar investment acquisition.

this afternoon, domestic media reported that tencent company is participating in negotiating with ctrip, want to buy more than 51% of the company, and points out that tencent valuation for ctrip reached $6 billion, more than the $4.1 billion market value premium is about 50%. To this, tencent investor relations also on rumors declined to comment. After the news, a lot of people in the industry also for speculation behavior in question.

ctrip said in a statement, the management also said of China’s online travel market potential and ctrip’s market position is very confident, believe that the company’s long-term investment value.