Cross-platform: blackberry BBM to login this summer android, iOS platform

5 month 14 , Blackberry Live meeting, blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins ( toth, teng Haynes, ) announced that future blackberry BBM service to login this summer with android iOS platform. Blackberry’s move is actually a big change. BBM service always be the highlight of the blackberry, BBM is the blackberry BB10 one of the most distinctive features. The open BBM information systems, or for blackberry attracted considerable potential users.

in view of the industry “, hamstringing a desperate for “evaluation, Heins said” this is a manifestation of the blackberry self-confidence. he explained,” BB10 strong enough platform, the current market feedback is good also, so it is time to BBM as independent mobile information platform , popularized to more users.

android and iOS version of the BBM will provide free services, but is expected to support only iOS6 and android 4.0 and above the operating system. BBM to is no longer limited to the blackberry system, but similar to other information application, become an independent applications.

now, android and iOS BBM only have to send and receive information and group chat function. But Heins BBM other functions will gradually migrate to the new platform. Is coming to the new platform features include Screen Sharing ( screen sharing), BBM Voice (voip function, currently only support wifi ), as well as the newly released BBM Channels. BBM Channels similar to the public platform/channel function, can release media content, share support evaluation, such as graphic interactive dialogue. Users can also create your own channel for individualized information customization.

proudly said, Heins filled the blackberry is striving to BBM create> is powerful. Have a blackberry this disruptive change, the judgment of the Heins really hard to refute.

obvious, blackberry finally began to vigorously sought after long silence. The blackberry is already no longer is a giant in the field of mobile communications. If blackberry wants to return to the spotlight, it must handle with android, iOS, the two big platform also enemy also friendly relationship. The blackberry BBM is the blackberry change again. Maybe people can see the blackberry’s future development.