Crazy acquisition strategy to continue Yahoo brand bulldozers and invincible

yahoo continues its recent acquisition strategy, will be a number of startups. Since last week, have been announced acquisition of yahoo Astrid , GoPollGo , Milewise , etc. In fact, in 10, a twitter, yahoo said our mobile team has 22 name operator to join , a large part of the new members come from the previously mentioned 3 company and a company called Loki Studios mobile game company.

the author has worked with yahoo and Loki Studio contact related aspects, to ask for details. But about Loki Studio the takeover of the message, it seems that can Loki website to be confirmed. The website home page shows a statement indicating the team has joined yahoo.

“it is a challenging and fruitful business trip. Work closely with our team give us great support, so we can improve our game repeatedly products Geomon . Loki team lucky enough to get the the industry valuable guidance predecessors, and met many of his peers. In the Loki business trip, we overcome all the difficulties together, friendship between the team is also increasingly strong. All those days let us unforgettable.

now, we will continue to be a wonderful journey. Yahoo to join this outstanding team, we are very excited. We believe that yahoo on the outstanding mobile product development efforts. We would be glad to pioneer in the industry of science and technology such as yahoo! ‘s work in the company, and in the us, believe in the great work environment, we can also have a lot of harvest.

declaration letter of Loki, there are 7 a team member’s signature, thus, they will probably join the yahoo.

Loki the startups won a vc firm DCM Android venture fund support, and is a Stanford university business incubation project StartX .

it is uncertain whether yahoo! Will use Loki the existing technology to develop new products . But Loki said its team is developing orientation game Geomon . Game originality lies in the game data combined with the user’s location information, among them, the azimuth information include the weather, temperature, time and season, geographical area, etc. “Therefore, in the warm sunny days of playing games on the beach feeling with cold winter nest in downtown home game experience but not the same.”

Update: I have received from Yahoo news , said in a message:

“today, we are very welcome Loki Studio team to join the yahoo. Loki team experience in community and positioning mobile service is impressive, we are glad that Yahoo could get such talent.”

yahoo has said, the company does not intend to disclose the transaction details. However, Loki original Geomon project will shelved.