Cool 6 President Daniel: don’t go to buy video

the author: 方堃

this year on April 1, cool 6 network board announced the appointment of Daniel as company President, Liu Jian as CTO. Daniel has previously served as grand cloud CEO at Autodesk, companies such as Microsoft technical management experience, and served as a grand courtyard dean multimedia innovation, therefore the outside world will be interpreted as a technical personnel changes the pie will be dominated by cool 6 network development in the future. Meanwhile, Daniel and cool 6 network CEO ShiYu division of labor has become the focus of attention.

“always do well in business, and I will join in the technical strength of Liu Jian give greater support always.” Daniel today in an interview, explained between himself and the CEO to tencent technology division of Labour.

Daniel, said his main work is to use cloud computing to improve the technological base of cool 6 network architecture, CEO ShiYu concurrently cool 6 network as a chief editor, focus more on content construction, sensation, platinum blog, share out bonus plan, such as business level, and the CTO Liu Jian is multimedia expert, mainly focus on the mobile Internet field.

with big data and mobile Internet

at present 6 nets every day the average user upload video content in 100000, the peak at 200000. Daniel, according to his office after the first year’s main job is to improve cool 6 network user experience by data mining, and in accordance with the wave of the mobile Internet promote the popularity of short video on the user.

do short video distribution than long video more complex, technical requirements will be higher, and Daniel to lead team will mainly complete the short video distribution, users to search, and other functions.

in long video sites, the content of the purchase is limited, in the popular stage show, even most of the users in the short term to see the same content. But short video inventory hundreds of millions of independent content, how to recommend good from the hundreds of millions of a video content to the user in need, or allow the user to find you want to see is the content of the difficult technical problems.

“the user is looking for video, search; From a video for users, recommended. The two technology requires very complicated large data, it is the modern Internet based on search and recommend the most core technology.” , Daniel said his first year of the layout of the main KPI is to complete the technical architecture, combines big data and cool 6 network, use cloud technology to do a lot of video transcoding, content to heavy, and solve the problem of elastic computing to save storage, distribution, allocation and so on.

for example, he said, the recent successful video “house of CARDS” is through the analysis of data of tens of millions of users to watch a success. This, he said, is not accidental success, but based on science, based on the analysis of the large data, grand cloud computing and cool 6 network for the next thing to do is similar, the same is to analyze the user, and then distribute the appropriate video to the user.

“house of CARDS” brings great significance

Daniel said, from a broadcast quality cool 6 network has flat with youku, potatoes, the web site, but the hit drama “house of CARDS” brought a more macro significance for grand. Shanda corp., a cool 6 network, shanda literature, shanda games, involving the entire content production line of the industrial chain, this will lead to a possible throughout the industry chain to analyze user video viewing habits and hobby of opportunity, at the same time the whole industry chain of high quality content can also be used to cool 6 network.

grand cloud in addition to outside the cool 6 network application, or a general cloud platform. Daniel said, after your communication with Chen, Chen have been hoping to grand within several large applications can drive the grand cloud the platform, and in a wide range of applications, the video is a very suitable for the application of the business. Because of large amount of data, infrastructure, if ready, for 6 to shanda is a good thing.

the whole node throughput required by the cloud computing, because of a node to support many many customers, video so huge traffic, going very smoothly launch will be very hard. Daniel said the benefits of cloud is cool 6 network infrastructure made an improvement. At the same time also introduced a video cloud, any user upload video, can be in 6 online play. Many enterprise users could not have the strength to solve these video playback, storage yards, cool 6 network is the basis of the video service provided to these companies.

Daniel, according to an online dating website lily online video is cool 6 network to provide technical support, this is not a traditional in cool 6 network broadcast, but open the system, to provide services in the cloud platform.

can’t spend money on video path

Daniel hope in his cool 6 network will realize with the combination of big data, through the combination will significantly improve the cool 6 network traffic.

“I metaphor long video is a tank model, you put the fish in a fish tank, you look at the fish tank. And short video fully opened, it is the ocean model. Swimming in the ocean, it doesn’t matter who it is performers, everyone’s contribution. We use big data technology, users want to find the video is very easy to find, we also recommend content to that may be of interest to the content, is entirely a matter of technology. We show of 360 degrees to users interested in you now, through the video show. To do this is to rely on big data technology, may in this year, in May and June will see.” Daniel has not revealed in detail 6 nets on the large data in combination with the specific measures, he said only in May and June will see outside integration after the change.

if cool 6 network future do short video well, users must see, flow can be achieved after liquidation. Daniel hope in the future will have 6 contribute tens of millions of people cool. This will build a ecological, through this kind of ecology, cool 6 network will be possible with copyright owners into advertising revenue, rather than spend money on copyright business model now.

liu wenbo said, cool 6 network in big data before without a lot of investment, no surprise after a user logs in, this year we will do a lot of work on it, to the user login enough motivation. All applications, users can use gmail login Google and shanda has pass, after the user logs in grand system can see oneself want to see the video, it will attract users to log in.

source: tencent technology