Cool 6 new strategy: App will take high quality videos

(editor: qing nan)

persistent low cool 6 before moving trend, will be gradually launched a series of exploration, in an attempt to make the company out of trouble as soon as possible.

from, according to people familiar with the cool 6 recently in apple’s app store and the android platform online a new mobile application forms touts, perhaps some netizens feel this name is very familiar with. Yes, the suspense detective dramas of Ming dynasty is the namesake, the application’s main function is also around the TV content. If not wrong, this perhaps is the domestic first App.

why highlights the legalist touts the app, mainly to see how grand group makes literature + film and television of the chain and cool 6 how to adjust strategy.

you need to understand the production background of the play. Public information, “legalist touts” adapted from the network popular name, the author is the starting point of Chinese famous writer MuYi online, taken by shanda corp. ‘s huaying sheng depending on the investment.

it is well known that the grand network had been “entertainment” strategic layout, covers the literature published + + + video game in the whole ecosystem, is one of the important derivative value of original content, using a variety of carrier. The favourite forms is one of the representative cases, 6 as a grand display of film and television resources platform, to create by its corresponding products are understandable.

6 make the purpose of this App is to the legalist touts TV content to the mobile terminal, however, with the rest of the video website of mobile phone on the client side purely on demand patterns are different.

on the exposure of the page screenshots of it, the application in addition to the most basic watch “drama” and understanding still trivia, also is a blend of classic lines, novels and comics. This means that the user can free reading novels after download the application content. In addition, the application of fusion “community” elements, such as star PK and activity zones, in order to interact with users, to attract fans, strengthen the brand and reputation effect.

however, compared to similar on the mobile client compared to “supermarket” on demand model, the App plays more like a “store”. Popularity of the film and television play will directly determine the survival time of the application. In addition, it involves the extension and rapid loss of the problem. For now, the legalist touts the App will be 6 in an attempt to create the App play, also for more high quality content to make the App product.

see here, there are readers may wonder: cool 6 key make UGC yao not transformation, it is not “doing nothing”?

in fact, from a higher perspective, UGC can contain three areas: Internet users to upload, agencies and high-end UGC (professional film and television company), but, their proportion is different. Among them, the higher percentage of Internet users to upload.

it is known that cool in the next 6 will also launch a series of mobile applications, this new CEO du Fang in an interview some time ago have been revealed, but the types and functions of specific products, he is still in “suspense” will not be disclosed.