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“if you have a PC product, wishing to migrate to the mobile terminal, so the product design, should be thought in the mobile end users in the use of scenario and core functions, to satisfy the most core function of first, meet with mobile characteristics and the function of the moving scene”. It is especially suitable for traditional enterprise to think, PC and mobile terminal is different, don’t use Web standards to measure the mobile end.


with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, mobile end products is more and more attention. When planning products, often can put on the PC and mobile products in the same important position to think. Responsive design in close to a period of time appear abnormal hot, also shows that people pay more and more attention to user experience in every aspect of terminal equipment. Equipment of the diversity, the diversity of product form, however, gives the designer more play space, at the same time brought greater challenges to designers. PC, PAD, Phone, and even TV and the combination of WAP, the Client formed a variety of products, what is the difference between these products in the design, how to plan different platforms on the features of the product, the design of the differences are very worth exploring topic.

at LinkedIn Web, iPhone and the app.

a function on different products, how to plan

in the PC has a large screen, mouse and keyboard flexible forms of interaction, its function tend to be more complex, the user can through the mouse Pointers to quickly complete the various tasks. However in the PAD with the mobile phone, the screen can render information co., LTD., the interaction form is also relatively poor accuracy gestures, all of these decide the function on the mobile end should do subtraction.

for new products, the priority or movement is as important as way of product planning is critical, and independent thinking in the mobile terminal can take on the functions and contents of let stylist more clearly see the core of the product function, content, is helpful for designers to grasp the direction of the product. Can even consider moving end prior to PC, PC function in the mobile function based on structure, it will not out of the core value of the product.

inherent characteristics of PC will have more advantages in the complex function operation. If it is a complex function are directly transferred to PC, and only show simple functions on your phone? I think, not necessarily to look at the target users of the product, and the characteristics of the products, some products users tend to be more mobile end use only, and even some users of this product are not PC. Therefore, based on the property of the user, priority in planning the mobile end product information architecture. If some function is transferred to PC measure: no problem, that I think can proceed to transfer, highlighting the core function on the mobile end to the user, and keep the interface is simple.

for the old products, products such as taobao, the PC itself and its complex. The in product design, more thinking in the mobile end users in the use of scenario and core functions, to satisfy the most core function of first, meet with mobile characteristics and the function of the moving scene.

where is the difference in the design of the two,

the current design methods on various platforms, various forms has the trend of integration, in the design on the Web is becoming more and more clients, many Web App lets a person it is difficult to determine what is made or Native HTML 5. Therefore, the differences in design methods will be more and more small.

however, based on PC, PAD, the Phone equipment features have bigger difference, the PC advice and the touch PAD, the Phone operation are very different, touch the design principle of priority to move the design has a great help. Secondly, the performance of the user’s device and network features differ in thousands ways, when the design need to think about their users to use environment. Again, many equipment users, while using the product, how to switch between devices, how to connect different equipment operation and not be discarded are designers need to consider the problem.

to the design of the WAP and Native, focuses on characteristic and Native browser support can play on the phone, the features of various types of sensors, this need stylist to broaden the train of thought to think, good design can greatly improve the experience.

what are the strategies in the design of the three,

from the PC to the mobile Web design, responsive design is the most method. And there are a lot of practice in many companies. In taobao, catalpa (editor’s note: taobao, senior director of UED) before also has been pushing responsive design, such as a new network, taobao search, many products have practice in general on the user experience has played a positive role. However, we see the reactive sites are often do well structure relatively simple blogs, news site, these pages has simple structure, easy to customize the response rules, the front is not complicated. For the complex web of responsive design, it will face many challenges, taobao, a senior designer, ride, play in doing guest project, summed up a set of design scheme, is worthy of reference. But overall, the complex page is to use the reactive also worth exploring.

for the design of the PC and mobile client (App) what’s the difference? Successful mobile client products tend to be based on user tasks and use situation of design, play to the characteristics of the mobile phone, make originally the function of the PC get better make up and ascend. As the public comments on the LBS users can quickly find a nearby shops; Weibo can quickly upload real-time images, can query at any time and place, etc.

what’s that got to focus on WAP and the client? For usage scenarios, the both are consistent. Mainly focus on two points, one is the flow of the two original often inconsistent, according to the characteristics of the traffic sources to distinguish user, based on user characteristics of different to make both on the product. Secondly, some restrictions on WAP and the superiority, WAP, there are many functions is not possible, additional WAP has the advantage of rapid iteration, also can make some trial and error, etc of the project. Of course, the current WAP and the client also in fusion, it is also a direction, such as HTML 5 technology matures, the fusion is sooner or later.

in the end, the mobile Internet era has come, the mobile user’s size also will be more and more beyond the PC, in product design, think about the mobile platform is inevitable, how can to better the whole platform is designed, and unemployed people in more discussion. Remember a few years ago, I really believe in moving the product should be a supplement to the PC, it now seems completely unreliable. Products, such as micro letter the PC design is simply move the complement, more products are not the PC products. How can, therefore, for the design of the platform, also need according to their own product features, user characteristics, scene to decide, the earth give play to the core value of the product to the target user, this is success! ~

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