[contribute] from Chromecast future: free cross-platform, seamless synchronization – Chrome in the cloud, the cloud is

(this paper hunting cloud network readers speechless @ wuyu )

2009 , 7 on 7 day, Google released a browser-based operating system Chrome OS . I and friends are puzzled, and increasingly powerful: the puzzle in three years to the browser add a shell is OS ? Google really want to do with it?

over the past few years, cloud computing is popular, almost all big rang a few words. Vision of and fellow travellers would say: cloud computing is the future. But why cloud is the future? What is the future form?

view Google conference last night, east eight area groggy in the morning. Without jing xi the Nexus 7 , the less update Android 4.3 … In the drowsy, Chromecast like lightning through the night, so for an instant I felt to see the future, belongs to the future of cloud computing.

the original chaotic thoughts become clear, perhaps, I want to know what is Chrome OS .

Chromecast is a unique product, it is not the unique hardware, but behind the product design thought, system. Want to clarify this point, need to figure out what is Chrome , what is the Chrome OS , and Google in the eyes of the future is what appearance. Step by step, we come, don’t try so hard, I try to comb their own language, it is clear that you hard to understand, I don’t understand it doesn’t matter, don’t spray it. In addition, the used Chrome, no experience Chrome cloud cross-platform synchronous features of readers after please make your own experience and come back to discuss.

in addition, don’t tell me what use is not working in China. Google in China have been make residual instead, again good also become is not working.

Chrome is the browser, OS , it is the entrance to the cloud and the ground base station

your browser is what?

domestic industry colleagues first reaction is: entrance! Well, the flow entrance, a site navigation or search can sit generative.

in Google, there Chrome as a browser is the same entrance, but it is the entrance to the cloud, or the ground of the cloud base station.

at the same time use the Chrome mobile and desktop friends all know that if you look at a page on the computer, suddenly need to go out, so as long as holding a mobile phone, it opens at Chrome , it can be very simple and have a button on the computer just now reading articles synchronization to mobile phone Chrome.

Different platform

Chrome between, the data is completed. Between them, relies on the network and the cloud. They like the ground base station. PC Chrome, iOS Chrome , Android Chrome , Chrome OS, Chromecast they are merely Chrome small vest. Because the network connection between synchronization and cloud, is fully exchanged between them, and therefore rely on Chrome , the originally isolated platform ( PC , iOS , Android , TV ) can implement content between each other.

hinder the interoperability, one is speed, the other is Chrome technology itself. From this year Google I/O and now Chromecast , we can see is Chrome cloud synchronization standards are constantly improve, and Google fiber project, Google balloon plan, etc., can be seen as Google eager to improve the level of human network, in order to quickly enter the cloud age impatient.


the Google I/O meeting, Google shows it can be a magical Chrome cross-platform experience, for example, the “ Racer in the game, it can completely on different devices and platforms of Chrome :