[contribute] bullshit! 360 and netease not BAT battlefield!

this paper hunting cloud network readers Author: Chen

said yesterday saw to an article in this second camp, Internet companies will purge, and to 360 and netease into the first camp, the BAT three fights into 3 nbat. I couldn’t agree with.

360 and netease no matter how is the BAT of the battlefield. I don’t want to use the violent purge words to describe the so-called Internet the second camp.

360 is essentially a company rely on advertising as a revenue, because its not grasp the real user relationship, so I can’t earn huge long tail like tencent. Netease is essentially a game company, the game cannot be every one may have to use the service, so lost in the BAT on the importance of the screens.

jiangshan generations have fell out, the excellences of three to five years.

regime change, change, it is normal. But a time before the boss worthy of respect, every historical period of the river’s lake role should get the respect they deserve. If we are to deny and ridicule, that actually is also overdraw the future ahead of time on their own ridicule.

so, should respect history and don’t laugh at.

sina, sohu, netease in China’s Internet bud is out the old. Whether portal business, or SP business, or business game, at least until 2008 is the representative of the first generation of the Internet. Information entry represents the most basic needs access to information, the period of the old, old netizens network partners.

they are leather ~ life itself. Billions of billions of cash flow in hand, they actually did, cited but not fat like also. Pull bow did not take the arrows out, stand and wait time. Rolled out weibo sina, sohu launched news client, netease began to pigs to sell wine.

the new big three, ali tencent, baidu, also is the people often said BAT. I don’t think the new old strong ~ life between leather and leather ~ life, the relationship between the new big three caught more entrance and space, and then leap into historical stage, maybe one day, they will become old.

alibaba gripped the business portal, tencent gripped the entrance, baidu gripped the information portal. Three wars, the three countries regime, each have the outcome, have their own heaven and earth. Which is the most direct PK baidu and alibaba, customers are small and medium-sized enterprises, is the information portal high ROI, or business entry high ROI, fighting continues. Tencent is the relationship between population and value-added development, this is the enterprise gene.

the bigger, the more difficult it is to self revolution. The large, the more likely it is to be kicked ~.

this is the PC old and the new big three. Now the wind changed again, the time of users and ran to the mobile Internet. More screen time, the giant, also the toes.

the mobile Internet is now a free-for-all, but in the end would be the new big three and the third is strong. Watching the news is demand, the search is also a demand, business is also a demand, entertainment is also a demand, position transfer.

who first put their own life leather, who first put the traffic intersection to death, to the possibility of a new ticket will be large. Those who have run to a crossroads in advance of the mobile Internet start-ups, exactly is into the arms of who, can want to sticking.

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